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                                              INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                           (A Primer for a Successful Life)

                                                                by Ben Bolt


                    How is your world?  Is it perfect?  Probably not.  At least I bet it doesn't seem like
            it is.  Even if you have achieved a certain level of contentment, you are still likely to have
            some future goals.  I'll wager that you still have a list of things that you want to do for
            yourself or someone else.  You might want more material things, better health, more 
            security, more friends, or any one of a dozen other things that you believe will make
            your life richer and more satisfying.  Wouldn't it be nice if you woke up every morning
            glad to be alive and feeling great?
                    What about those of you who have little or nothing to be glad about?  You may
            have poor health, or you may have no money and no apparent prospects for getting 
            any.  Some of you do not even have enough to eat, have lost someone who was dear
            to you, or are being victimized by others who seem to have power over you, and won't
            let you control your own life.  
                    This world has an endless variety of life situations, and they can certainly be
            vastly different.  Some seem to have everything, and it may or may not be enough,
            while many others have a reasonably comfortable life, and some have practically 
            nothing going for them.  Why is this?  What's going on?  Why does it look like some
            people never get a break, while others are coasting through this world almost without
            a care?  It's not fair! Somebody should do something about it, right?  Call 911!
                  Yeah, that's what we'll do.  We'll call 911.  We'll write a letter to our congressman.
            We'll organize a protest march.  We'll go steal something.  We'll go to church and pray.
            We'll build a bomb and blow up something - or somebody.  We'll get a gang together
            and go harass someone else to make ourselves feel a little better.  We'll go to the 
            doctor.  We'll take some pills.  We'll call somebody on our cell phone.  We'll go to the
            gym and work out.  We'll get something to eat.  We'll go to a city council meeting and
            demand some changes.  We might even volunteer to help someone else.  We'll drink,
            or take some drugs.  We'll go buy a book.  We'll have sex.  We'll all lean out a window
            and shout together, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"
                    There now, don't we feel better?  Now we can go back to living our life just like 
            we used to until the next crisis comes along.  I sure hope the terrorists don't come to
            my neighborhood, or my state doesn't get hit by a tornado, a hurricane, or an
            earthquake.  Have you ever thought, or even done some of those things?  Sure you
            have.  We all have.  Unless you are one of those unfortunate people whose life revolves
            around just trying to find the next meal, or you're in prison or a hospital, "doing
            something" is your life.  So what's the problem?
                    Here's the problem.  The world is a half-full glass.  Of course, that means that it is
            always also half-empty.  Your life is the same way, and you are either in the process of
            emptying it out or filling it up.  The people who are caught in the half-empty part of 
            the world usually can use some help to get out, so the others need to be helping.  If
            we are not somehow working on the solution, then we become part of the problem.
            We have no choice about this.  The world is a lot like a school, and it is up to us to 
            determine the form that the lessons will take.  They can be enjoyable challenges or
            miserable drudgery.  That is the part we get to choose.  
                    What is wrong with doing any of the things on the list of options we mentioned?
            Well, a few of them, such as exercising, reading a good book, helping someone else,
            having sex (at an appropriate time and place with the right partner), or some other
            pro-active effort, are positive steps in the right direction, and contribute to  the half-
            full part for ourselves and for the world.  That's a good thing.  Unfortunately, most of
            the others are simply a means of shifting the responsibility for our lives to someone
            else so we do not have to think or do anything about it ourselves.
                    Let's examine the list a little more closely to try to get an idea of what is really
            happening when we do these things.

            Example #1:  Calling 911
                    The 911 emergency response system is a great idea.  It has saved many lives
            and expedited help to people who were caught in a crisis that seemingly was not of
            their own making.  The help, medical or otherwise, was sorely needed and greatly 
            appreciated at the time.  
                    However, what if the emergency was the result of an "accident" that we 
            ourselves caused by carelessness, inattention, or just plain indifference.  Having 
            someone else bail us out of the mess we have caused may not be productive at all
            in the long run.  After the immediate crisis has been cleared up, what lesson was 
            learned from the mistake?  Did we learn never to make the same mistake again, 
            or did we learn that someone else will always be available to come and fix the 
            problems caused by our carelessness?  It's a critical lesson, and needs to be learned.

            Example #2:  Pills, drugs, or alcohol. 
                    Is it fair to lump these things together in one category?  I think so.  Whether a
            product that is designed to alter the body's chemical balance is called medicine, 
            recreational drugs, a social drink, or a dangerous mind-altering illegal substance, the 
            result is the same.  A physical change is effected that also produces a mental alteration.
            The two things always happen simultaneously, because the mind and the body are two
            halves of the same thing.  They are yoked together like two oxen pulling the same cart.
            We cannot push or pull either one of them without affecting the other.  
                    A lifetime of negative thinking of one kind or another will inevitably bring about
            physical problems, and treating these problems with a physical substance of any kind
            is the worst form of cop-out.  In the same way, physically abusing ourselves with 
            negative activities or chemical "treatments" will show up as a troubled, depressed, 
            or confused mind.  Whose fault or responsibility is that?  Should the troubled person
            see a doctor, a therapist, or a counselor?  Or should the "victim" simply change their
            life style or negative thinking to stop the downhill slide?

            Example #3:  Write Congress or complain to city government.
                    Far too many of us, when confronted with one of society's frustrating problems,
            respond with the attitude or the statement that "somebody should do something
            about it", or "they need to get busy and fix this".  Who are "they"?  They are the 
            doers, the problem solvers, the entrepreneurs, the pro-active people who get them-
            selves involved in negative situations affecting not just themselves, but others around
            them, or even society as a whole.  They pitch in and try to make a difference.  They
            are not the ones who march around in the streets carrying signs and demanding that
            the government, a corporation, or some other group make changes for them.  They 
            are not the ones who are first in line for any form of governmental hand-out, and 
            then complain loudly that their taxes are too high.

                    If you live in a democratic society, as many of you do, then you must realize that
            while it is necessary  that we communicate with our elected officials, the downfall of 
            our system begins when everyone is trying to vote himself a larger and large slice of 
            the pie.  Certain group responsibilities are sometimes best handled by a collective
            "government", but they are few, and must always be limited, or the government 
            becomes a master instead of the servant it is meant to be.  
                    The only way to stop the growth of governmental power, no matter the form, is
            for individual citizens to take the responsibility for their own and others welfare.  Many
            people do.  They are the problem-solvers of the world.  They are the builders, not the
            destroyers.  They can be captains of industry, the lowest menial laborer, or a mother
            who cares for her children.  It is not the position that matters, it is the attitude.
                    In the pages to come, we will try to expand on these and other thoughts about 
            our common status as human beings, and the responsibilities that go with that status.
            We will attempt to be positive, helpful, and specific.  None of the ideas expressed in 
            this writing will be brand new.  There are no new ideas, only new ways of stating the
            age-old facts of our existence.  For some reason, we feel the need to re-state some of
            these truths in our own words.  Maybe we can be of help to some readers, and by 
            planting a few seeds, make the whole garden more beautiful.

                                                       "BOOKS BY MERLYN"   
              As of January 5, 2016, only chapters One through Ten have been moved.  
              Chapters Eleven and Twelve (and the "Summary" can be found on the
              "Archives" page.


               Merlyn's World   

​                           Imagine the Possibilities
       Wily Old Wizard
                         Notes from Outside of Time and Space
        ( Whereof to See the Wizard)

          PLEASE NOTE  ...  The book entitled
         "Individual Responsibility" by Ben Bolt
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          the book on this page as well while we
          make the transition.  Below you will 
          find a list of the twelve chapter titles.



       * Chapter One - Who Are You?          
       * Chapter Two - 3 Simple Rules
       * Chapter Three - Infinity
       * Chapter Four - Physical Responsibility    
       * Chapter Five - Mental Responsibility
​       * Chapter Six - Spiritual Responsibility
       * Chapter Seven - Good and Evil
       * Chapter Eight - Responsible Government
       * Chapter Nine - Re-decorating  the Jail Cell
       * Chapter Ten - Christianity    

            Chapters Eleven, Twelve, and the
       summary are now on the "Archives" page.                 
       * Chapter Eleven - Reincarnation
       * Chapter Twelve - Health Care
​       * Summary                           


                                      INTRODUCTION TO MERLYN'S WORLD   

                    Those of you who have been fascinated as I have by the tales of King Arthur
            and his knights of the Round Table will probably need no introduction to Merlyn.
            He appears, sometimes prominently, in many of the stories and legends of Arthur,
            and has himself been the sole subject of many books over the intervening years.
                Some of these wonderfully written and often lengthy works have attempted to
            unravel the mysterious origin and life of the famous "magician".  The truth is, 
            however, that no matter how painstaking has been the investigation, no-one really
            knows how many of the "facts" that have been uncovered are really true.
                It is entirely possible that all the stories of Arthur, Merlyn, and the other 
            characters in the tales are merely legends with little or no basis in fact.  To a real
            student of early English history, this matters not at all.  The stories, whether legend
            or history, are simply too enchanting and memorable to be ignored. 
                This man, who has been called Merlinus (Roman), Myrddin (Welsh), and the 
            Merlin of Britain (a title), Emrys (another Welsh name), and assorted other aliases,
            emerges from these epic tales as the most memorable, the most amazing, and 
            perhaps the most important character of all.      
                His seemingly endless roles include those of a musician, traveling bard,
            naturalist, physician, mystic, seer of the future, druid priest, warrior, teacher of 
            Arthur as a young boy, counselor of Arthur the king, emissary of a united Britain,
            architect of shrines, astronomer, and all-around miracle worker.  Small wonder 
            that he has been immortalized as a magician.  If all of these skills and abilities were
            truly a part of this one person, the world has not since seen his equal.
                In our own troubled time, it would certainly be helpful if a man with the insight
            and wisdom of a Merlyn was available to guide us.  Would we listen?  The kingdom
            we call "Camelot" was built on Merlyn's strong principles, and was destroyed when
            they were forgotten.  The legends say that Arthur was the "Once and Future King"
            who will appear again at the proper time to help lead the world down the right path.
            These same legends were not very clear about whether the Merlyn of Britain really
            died, or simply disappeared to re-emerge in another time and place. 
                Is it possible that he has?

                                                                                 ...  Ben Bolt


                                               WORDS OWISDOM

                                                             Y.G.I.T.S.      by  Merlyn
                                                  (Your God is Too Small)

                        "Through physical insight and mathematical rigor,  guided and
                        confirmed by experimentation and observation, we've established
                        that space, time, matter, and energy engage a behavioral repertoire
                        unlike anything any of us have ever directly witnessed.  And now,
                        penetrating analysis of these and related discoveries are leading us
                        to what may be the next upheaval in understanding: The possibility
                        that our universe is not the only universe."

                                                                                From:   "The Hidden Reality"
                                                                                         by Brian Greene

                The author of the above quote, Brian Greene, is not a mystic, a prophet, or a 
        preacher.  He is what we normally refer to as a "scientist".  The following is part of the
        blurb on the jacket of his book:

                        "Brian Greene received his undergraduate degree from Harvard
                    University and his doctorate from Oxford University where he was a
                    Rhodes scholar.  He joined the physics faculty of Cornell University
                    in 1990, was appointed to a full professorship in 1995, and in 1996
                    joined Columbia University, where he is professor of physics and 

                Impressive credentials, indeed.  I think it is safe to say that Dr. Greene is in the
        forefront of what is considered scientific thinking in the 21st century.  In the past 100
        years there has been, if you'll pardon the expression, a quantum leap in the viewpoint
        of the scientific community regarding the nature of our universe.  
                Pushing outward into the macro-cosmic world of the galaxies and simultaneously
        inward to the micro-cosmic world of energy particles has led to the inevitable conclusion
        that there seems to be no limits no matter which direction we look.  It's quite amazing 
        that it has taken us so long to consider this possibility, since the evidence has always
        been there, and the wisest of us have always known it.  Alas, the world of science has
        been insisting on measuring everything for so long that they had become blind to our
        infinite, un-measurable, reality.
                Even now, we read in Brian Greene's quote that there is a "possibility that our
        universe is not the only universe".  That is an oxymoron.  The prefix "uni" means one.
        We cannot have more than one uni-verse.  What we can have is one universe that is 
        far more complex than we have suspected, and that includes possibilities we have yet
        to imagine. That is what we have.
                This is not new information.  Here are a few more quotes from out historical past:

                        "In my Father's house are many mansions."
                                                                                         ... Jesus

                        "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are 
                          dreamed of in your philosophy."
                                                                          ...  William Shakespeare

                        "... connect your subject with the universe and catch an echo of
                            the infinite"   
                                                                         ...  Oliver Wendell Holmes

                        "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once
                          into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty one."
                                                                        ...  The Bhagavad Gita

                        "We look at it and do not see it;
                                 Its name is The Invisible.
                         We listen to it and do not hear it:
                                 Its name is the Inaudible. 
                         We touch it and do not find it;
                                 Its name is the Subtle (Formless)."
                                                                                   ...  Lao Tzu

                This is what I see from outside of the time/space illusion.  The idea that men call
        "The Universe" is all there is, and all that can be imagined and more.  The idea that 
        men call "God" is exactly the same thing.  The personality/force that is the Creator/    
        Creation has no time/space limitations, hence there are no beginnings or endings to 
        find, and no dimensions to be measured.  Any "God" that we can conceive of or describe
        is already too small by definition, since words cannot describe the un-describable, and
        the most precise equipment science can devise cannot measure the un-measurable.


                                                          GREETINGS FROM MERLYN

                Hello, my brothers and sisters, this is Merlyn.  Some of you may have heard of me
            in my connection with the legendary stories of King Arthur of Britain.  Merlyn was really
            only one of my names, but it seems to be the most familiar one, so that is the one I will
            use.  Direct conversation over such a large expanse of "time" is rare, and I do not plan 
            to waste my opportunity.  
                Some of you know this, but many of you do not, so I will state the case plainly at the
            outset.  In the 21st century C.E., you are all here on earth on the cusp of a great shift in
            human circumstances, both physical and non-physical.  The very planet you live on is 
            going through monumental changes, and that is just the beginning. 
                In my last experience, approximately 1500 earth years ago, I too was faced with a 
            completely different world from the one in which I grew up.  However, my world then
            consisted primarily of the Roman civilization and its neighbors on all sides.  At that point,
            few were thinking globally, let alone universally.  The situation was similar, however, in
            that most people living in that time and place were being forced to re-evaluate some very
            basic assumptions about what was necessary for their survival - as individuals, or as a 
            race.  Those of you now focused here on earth are faced with the same dilemma.
                Whether this is a bad thing or a fantastic improvement will depend on you.  A heavy
            responsibility, but one that you are eminently qualified to handle.  Even if you are not 
            aware of it, the ability to remake yourself and your world for the better has always been
            yours.  The natural cycles of night and day provide each of us with a brand new set of
            circumstances every morning, and it is always up to us individually what we do about it.
                The idea that we are helpless to solve our so-called problems is a man-made assumption
            that has been around for a long time, but it is simply not the case.  The truth is, there is
            no such thing as a problem.  There are only opportunities to learn, and the greater the 
            difficulty, the greater the learning potential.  
                In the 21st century (which is only a convenient measurement of the Christian community)
            a tidal wave of changes is upon the earth and all of its inhabitants.  The accompanying 
            growth potential is almost beyond comprehension.  How will YOU take advantage of this
            fabulous opportunity?  That is up to you, but maybe my story, which follows, will give you
            some useful ideas along with a somewhat larger perspective.  Why not stay with me a 
            while and see?
                                                                                   ... Merlyn

                                             THREE THINGS A MAN IS             

                                            *  What he thinks he is
                                                          *  What others think he is
                                                              *  What he really is


​                                                                     EDUCATION

                        There is only one place to get an education.  In the 
                school of thought.   Learning rules is useful, but it isn't
                education.   Education is thinking, and thinking  is 
                looking for yourself and seeing what's there -- not what
                you got told was there.   Then you put what you see together.


​                                                                          VIRUSES

                            A virus is an incomplete, non-living entity that needs
                a host to survive.    Viruses do not cause illness.   They are                                     chemical substances that always exist in every human body,
                and  are normally inert or beneficial, but can be altered by                                 the energy of the thoughts or beliefs of their host.   Illness 
               occurs in an out-of-sync individual, and is not the result of
               some outside agency that is beyond the individual's control.
               Western medicine has lost its way.  Almost all the emphasis
                is placed on finding "causes" for diseases that would not even
                exist if humans understood their real nature.  Not everyone
                who has been  "exposed" becomes ill.  Why?   For the same 
                reason that healthy soil will produce healthy crops,  and                                       unhealthy soil cannot be expected to generate an abundant
                harvest.   The condition we call  "illness" will  not occur in a                                 body that does not accept it.


                                                             TIME AND SPACE

                            I have said, "I am speaking to you from outside of time
                and space".  Perhaps I should clarify that, and maybe we 
                could begin by defining time and space.  If one looks in a 
                Webster's dictionary for the definition of TIME (the noun),
                one finds approximately thirty definitions to start with.
                Which one of these am I "outside of"?  All of them, or perhaps
                none of them.
                            Definition #1 begins:  The period between two events ..."

                Let us just set that aside for a moment,  and consider SPACE.

                            Part of Definition #1 for SPACE is;  "Distance extending 
                without limit ...  within which all material things are contained.

                            It appears we cannot really define time without "events"
                or space without "things" (objects).  Perhaps there could be a
                time when no event happened, and maybe there can be even be
                empty space, but I am not convinced that either one of these
                conditions is possible.   In the world of three dimensions  (plus
                time) something is always happening somewhere, and if we
                include things or events that are not noticeable to human 
                senses, the "events" are continuous and all of space is filled 
                with some objective form of energy.  
                            All right then, if space and time are always everywhere,
                where am I?   The answer can easily be illustrated with your
                simple experiment of a jar full of stones.    The jar is  "full" when
                one can put no more stones in it.   Of course, pouring sand on 
                the stones fills all the spaces in between them, doesn't it?
                Now the jar is totally full, right?   Try pouring water in it ---
                where does it go?   In between all the grains of sand, etc.  It's
                all a "matter" of different forms of matter.  
                            In the realm of finer energies,  (think; high frequency 
                "waves" -- light, thoughts , etc.)  all of them can exist simul-
                taneously in the same time and space.    Technically, I am not
                therefore, outside of time and space -- merely operating at a 
                different frequency within them.  I cannot be seen by eyes or
                heard by ears while doing this simply because those senses
                are not designed for the job.
                            But I digress.  To go back to our first concern, "What are
                time and space?', here, I believe, is a working definition:

                            TIME is the medium in which events are experienced.

                            SPACE is the medium in which objects are experienced.

                            Since time and space are technically just "mediums", 
                they do not really exist unless something is in them.  An "inch"
                or a "minute" or a "mile" or a "year", or even a "light year" is a
                concept, nothing else.  So how is it that we communicate with
                each other?  In the all-inclusive medium we call "consciousness".
                That's really all there is, and every thing and every event
                contains it (and is contained by it), so the communication 
                never stops.

                                Nice talking with you.                              ... Merlyn

       I  can
     SEE you



             *   The thoughts you hold in your mind are automatically creating your future.
                    If you are always thinking about your past, you will simply repeat it.

            *   EVERY thought you have is creative.  If you keep thinking the same ones, they 
                   will ultimately show up physically in your life.  

            *  This is a hard one, but it is true.  Because time only exists on the 3D level, 
                   your thoughts not only change your future, they also change your past!
                   If you don't like your past, simply change your present thoughts, and 
                   watch what happens.

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              January 2017         
                                       FROM NOW ON, THIS SPACE WILL BE                        RESERVED FOR OUR LATEST CONTRIBUTIONS.

                                                                                                                                       August 2016

                                                    A MESSAGE FROM MERLYN

               In spite of all the negative news you are hearing on earth these                 days, the situation is not hopeless no matter what all the prophets of
        doom are saying.  There is always something you can do about it.  
        Here are some thoughts on the matter:

                We have noticed in our observance of the daily experience of
        some people that the focus of many of their thoughts is causing some
        problems.  It has been said succinctly that "Thoughts become things",
        and it is very easy to dismiss that as just another one of those quaint
        aphorisms of the "positive thinking" proponents.  The truth is that 
        those three words are perhaps the most important ones in the English
        language.  (Not counting "I love you")
                Any thought that is repeatedly held in ones mind will inevitably 
        begin to attract those exact conditions in his or her world.  It makes no
        difference whether the repeated thought is about something that is 
        desired or something that is not wanted, the process is still the same.
        In the world of the mind, like attracts like.  That is just the opposite of
        the physical world in which opposites attract, but it is a fundamental
        law nonetheless.
                To make this work for you and for your world, the answer is to 
        monitor your thoughts constantly.  If what you are thinking makes you
        feel good, then that is going to produce a positive result.  If it troubles
        you, find a way to replace it with a different thought to avoid attracting
        what you don't want.
                Collectively, this is critical.  When thousands or even millions of 
        us are holding onto thoughts of illness, danger, threats from others, 
        a collapsing economy, deterioration of the environment, or any other
        of the endless variety of negative possibilities, we are merely helping 
        to create the problem.  
                We must realize that our thoughts are the most powerful creative
        force we have, and just like our atomic energy, we cannot afford to be
        careless with them. Positive thoughts are ten times more powerful than
        negative ones - try focusing on them totally and watch what happens
        in your life.

                                                                    ... Merlyn 


                                                       THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MERLYN

                                             gos'pel;  AS   godspel, orig. good spell, good news                                                            

                    The "good news", according to Merlyn,  might not be what you think, unless you have                             TRUTH (Good news) No. 2.
            stopped believing everything someone else tells you and have begun thinking for yourself.                                       
            A large part of the organized Christian church, for example, would have you believe that the                                       The only "judgement" you will ever face is your own.  Knowing this is your right,
            good news is that, although you are basically a pretty worthless creature, your Creator still                              and it is the "truth that will set you free".  Your "Father", the Creative force, does not        
            loves you.  This Creator loves you so much that "He" is willing to destroy you or torture you                             want  your dependence, your fear, or your worship - only that you continue to grow
            indefinitely in a place called "Hell" if you don't behave yourself.  This Creator also, because                             into the happy co-creator that is your destiny.
            of His conditional love (an oxymoron) provided you with a way out of your disastrous fate.  
            He hand-picked one of you to be a designated "son" and had him pay for your misdeeds.                                TRUTH (Good news) No. 3.
            All you have to do is buy into this story and you're off the hook.
​                                                                                                                                                                                                      We have talked about this before in some of our other writings, but it bears
                                              THIS DOES NOT STRIKE US AS "GOOD NEWS".                                                           repeating here.  Much is said on Earth (by those who are not aware of this real god-
​                                                                                                                                                                                          spel) about the so-called "evil" in the world.  There is no such thing.  In the same 
                    Consider this.  Each of us has a physical father.  If we were told by that father that if we                           way that darkness is the absence of light and ignorance is the absence of wisdom,
            didn't turn out like he wanted us to, he was going to throw us in the trash and disown us, would                       evil is merely the absence of good and proper thoughts and actions.  We truly do
            we think that was good news?  If he said that we could only save our hide by having him punish                      create our own realities with our imagination, our thoughts, and our intentions.  We
            our older brother to make us feel bad about ourselves and grateful to our brother, what would                          do this constantly, individually, and collectively.  That which appears to be evil is the
            we think of dear old Dad then?                                                                                                                             automatic result of our projected expectations.  It is virtually impossible for any of us     
​                                                                                                                                                                                          to be affected by negative events if we never ever consider the possibility.  Even 
                                   YOU SHOULD KNOW THE TRUTH - IT WILL SET YOU FREE                                                   those conditions that appear to be undesirable will turn out to be blessings if that is    
​                                                                                                                                                                                          our expectation.  Is that easy to accomplish on Earth?  Not if we continue to surround 
            TRUTH (Good news) No 1.                                                                                                                                   ourselves with negative images or negative people.  Is it possible in spite of these
                                                                                                                                                                                          things?  Absolutely!
                    The above belief is a man-made idea of the early church organization  It is based on the 
            older Jewish belief in a separate "God" of judgement  and punishment.  It is a control device,                           TRUTH (Good news) No. 4
            and a tragic (see history) distortion of the facts.  It does not take into consideration the evolutionary            
            development of man's idea of God.  You are not, and never have been, a guilty "sinner".  The                                       The world around each of us unfailingly responds to us with the reflection of
            Creator, of whom you are an active part, just continuously and lovingly creates.  You have always                    our thoughts, words, and actions.  If we learn to control our output, our entire situation
            existed, although not always as a human being on this planet, and you can never stop existing.                       will begin to change accordingly.  It is a tragic mistake to fall into the trap of believing
            You will also never stop changing, because that is what this living Universe does.  Embrace the                       in fearful possibilities, demons, devils, or dangers.  Our belief will surely create these
            changes, because as long as you keep expecting them to be positive and beneficial, they will be.                    things, and the stronger the belief, the bigger the problem.  Those who appear to be  
​                                                                                                                                                                                          doing evil and harmful deeds are simply ignorant of this truth, and cannot have any
​                                                                                                                                                                                          effect on us if we will not participate in their mistaken ideas.  

                                                                                                                  THAT IS THE TRUTH.  THAT IS THE "GOOD NEWS"   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ...  Merlyn                                                                          

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                          There is a story about a man trying to solve the world's 
                            problems, when his young daughter comes into the room
                            and asks if she can help.  He's touched by the girl's concern,
                            but impatient to get on with his work, so he takes a map of 
                            the world, rips it into little pieces, and gives it to the girl,
                            telling her that she can help by piecing the world back to-    
                            gether.   The girl doesn't have a clue what the world looks
                            like, but she takes the pile of papers back to her room.
                                    Two days later she rushes into her father's study,  "Father,
                            father, she says.  I've put the world back together. "  And 
                            indeed the shreds of paper have been very meticulously 
                            taped together.   The father is stunned, and asks how she 
                            did it.   The girl turns the map over.  "On the back was a picture
                            of a person" she said.   "I put the person back together and 
                            then turned it over and the world was back together."                                       

                           A recent scientists from Harvard and Yale                                       suggested that there are probably at least 300 sextllion stars.                            That is a 3 followed by 23 zeros, or three trillion times 100 billion.
            If stars are basically suns, how many planets are there?


                   AN OPEN LETTER TO THE VATICAN
                        We have had the opportunity to observe the development of the           organization called the "Catholic" church for about the last 1600 years. Their           influence reached as far west as what is now known as the British Isles from
     the beginnings in what became the fourth century AD.  From the outset, it 
     appears that the purpose was to create a world-wide organization based on 
     decisions made by a council directed in Nicea by the Emperor Constantine in
     325 AD.  The result has been a mixed history of mayhem and sainthood the 
     likes of which had not been seen before on this planet.  
          We would like at this time to offer a few suggestions to that organization
     in an effort to improve their results in the coming centuries.  Our suggestions
     are based on some facts that appear to have been distorted along the way.
     We will begin with our letter to Rome, and follow it with a rather lengthy list
     and discussion of our observations.  We hope you will find it helpful.

                                                                       ...  Merlyn

                                                                                                                                                   October, 2017

            The Vatican
        Rome, Italy

        Dear Sirs,

        We, and millions of others now living on Earth, assume that none of our
        following observations will come as a surprise to you.  As you know, our
        entire solar system is now operating on a different level than it has for 
        the last 2000 years.  The Pisces age begun by the birth of the Christ has
        been replaced by the age called Aquarius, an era of "light" and truth. 
        Mis-information cannot longer survive.  The "second coming" of the Christ
        spirit has begun, and will in the next millennium result in nearly everyone 
        on the planet embodying true Christianity.   

        In light of this change, may we suggest that you, as the presumed 
        standard-bearer of the faith, abandon those policies and teachings that no
        longer apply.  It must be obvious to you that your organization is already
        dwindling in membership and importance in much of the world.  This is
        bound to continue unless you radically alter your course.

        Can you find it in your hearts do these things?

        (1)  Admit that the message of the Christ was not that he was the world's
        savior, but the shining example of what everyone could and should become.
        The I AM that spoke to Moses from the burning bush is the same I AM that
        Jesus said was "the way", and also the same I AM that resides in the soul
        of every man, woman, and child ever born on Earth.  You have always 
        known this.  Tell everyone!

        (2)  Admit the truth of the process referred to as "re-incarnation".  Every
        other organized religion on in the world knows about it.  So do you, but
        you've been denying it for so long, you're starting to look foolish.  It is 
        common knowledge (and common sense) among all enlightened people     
        everywhere.  Tell everyone! 

        (3)  Finish the job of completing a proper biography of the man called
        Jesus.  Your mis-informed followers should know about his education in
        India, Tibet, Persia, and Egypt.  They should also know about his marriage
        (at Cana) to Mary of Magdala, who was also trained in Egypt, and was his
        partner in the Palestine ministry.  You know this.  Tell everyone!

        (4)  Give up on your misogynistic patriarchal organization.  You know that
        human-kind is an equal partnership of males and females and that the 
        eternal souls we all are are androgynous anyway.  Sex is not, and never
        has been, evil.  It is perhaps the most beautiful gift given to us all, and 
        your distortions have caused it to be mis-used.  Tell everyone!

        There is much more that your influential organization could do to promote
        true Christianity in the world, but the few we have mentioned would be a
        good start.  It's in your best interest, too, because there will be no place
        in the coming millennium for your current approach.  

                                                                        ...  Merlyn

             What follows is a collection of our observations of what is called 
          Christianity by many of its adherents, and doesn't always seem to
          fit the facts.  It is the basis for our "Vatican" letter.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 October 2017

                                                                                    LETTER TO THE VATICAN   -   BACKGROUND MATERIAL   

                    Where do we begin?  How do you address the largest and wealthiest organization on this planet  -  one who has been in business for over                                  1700 years?  So much has happened in that time period, and so much was strongly influenced by a geographically tiny country that occupies only
            part of the capitol city of a much larger country.  Whatever we say about the Vatican, whether positive or negative, we certainly must admit that its
            place in this world is unique.  Not only is it the home base of one of the largest current "religions" existing, it owns more real estate than many other
            countries, and the most interesting thing about that religion is its name.  The word "catholic" is defined by Webster as meaning "universal, general,
            and all-inclusive".  If one accepts that definition, it would seem to suggest that any other religion's view is minor, or perhaps even irrelevant.  
                    That attitude, of course, has generated considerable controversy over the centuries, and even open warfare in some cases.  (A questionable
            course for an organization that says it speaks for the "Prince of Peace").  The objections apparently began at the generally accepted formation of
            the "Christian" church in Nicea in 325 AD.  Some of the attendees at that council meeting were so opposed to the stated "creed" agreed on by the
            majority, that they went back home and started their own church, referred to now as "Eastern Orthodox".  We now have the advantage of seventeen                          centuries of hindsight, and humanity's situation is somewhat different than it was in Constantine's time.  Using our current view, we would like to offer                        some suggestions to the Vatican for changes that seem badly overdue. 
                    Our basis for these suggestions is the fact that the current explosion of information in this the 21st century since the birth of the Christ has made
            literally millions of people aware of many "truths" about his life that were not generally available until now.  I say "generally" because the truth has 
            always been known by some, but has been badly suppressed, often violently.  We believe that it is high time that a group calling itself the "Universal"
            church should be interested in spreading universal truth.  
                    We are aware, as are many others, that the famous Vatican Library has always contained much more information about the life and mission of
            the man called Jesus than was ever shared with the world.  By now it is obvious that the Catholic Church has had its own agenda since its inception.
            Apparently it is no longer torturing and murdering the so-called "heretics" who try to tell the truth, but Rome is still stubbornly refusing to admit their
            deliberate distortions.  That is no longer possible, and the organization will now change or die.


                    Let's begin with a general description of the life of "Jesus", only a small part of which is available in the Bible.  All of the details would fill volumes,
            and for those who are interested, are now available.  

            HIS BIRTH   ....   was planned and arranged by a large group of entities, some humans on Earth, some not.  He truly was an incarnation of the "Christ"
            (chosen) soul that existed in the "beginning", and the "wise men" who attended the birth were there to see that his transition to Earth was successful.
            Frankincense and Myrhh are essential substances, one supporting the feminine and the other the masculine energies, and Gold was needed to control
            the unlimited extent of the aura of the special child so that he could stay here on 3-D Earth.  His mother, as the church has recognized, was also a
            very special part of the story.  She was carefully chosen when a child, trained in Egypt, and had a powerful influence on the young prodigy in his early 
            years.  His Hebrew name was really Yeshua, still pronounce "Je-su" in the Latin language, and we have simply anglicized it to Jesus.  

            HIS YOUTH   ....  was also carefully watched and guided toward his important mission.  He was taught and trained in spiritual matters along with the
            normal training of young boys.  At age 12, it was the custom at that time for a young man to marry.  Because he was obviously a prodigy and very        
            special, many families wanted their daughter to marry him, so there was much pressure.  To avoid this, he was accompanied by travelers and 
            guardians eastward toward what is now India to continue his education and begin his own teaching.  This continued in the company of some Hindus
            called "Brahmins" until they objected to him teaching the truth to a lower caste.  He refused to stop this, so there was a plot to have him killed there.
            He left India, and went as far east as the Tibetan borderlands, still studying and teaching.  By then a young man (called Saint Issa in Tibet) he began
            returning westward through India and Persia to Egypt where many years were spent in those temples - the most advanced at the time.  His gifts of
            healing and so-called "miracles" were fully developed, along with the awareness of his mission in Palestine. 

                    We will pause here, and discuss the years partially described in the Bible a little later.  There is one other huge issue that separates Rome and
            organized Christianity  from almost all the other "religions" in the world.  It is generally referred to as "re-incarnation".  Apparently, the new religion that
            called itself Christianity was so desperate to separate itself from all the other previous philosophies, whether true or not, that it officially eliminated this
            basic fact of life from its message.  (In the beginning, they also insisted that the world was flat.)

                    There are really several basic tenets taught by organized Christianity that are just flat-out wrong, and when discovered, tend to destroy its 
            credibility.  Some of the most obvious are:

                    1.  Human souls have only one physical lifetime on earth.
                    2.  Humans are born with a defect called "original sin".
                    3.  This defect is only corrected by accepting Jesus as a "Savior".
                    4.  The Creator is most accurately represented by a male "Father".
                    5.  Humans are created at physical "birth", and are judged and assigned to an eternal Heaven or Hell at "death".

                    There are more, but let's elaborate a little more on these few.  The Vatican knows they are wrong, but continues to teach them anyway. 

            1.  RE-INCARNATION
                    The nominal Christian religion is the only one of the world's many belief systems that does not recognize this undeniable fact.  It has been
                    demonstrated in countless ways, and literally proven with age-regression therapy.  It makes perfect sense, consequently it makes no sense
                    to deny it..  Serious thinkers do not.  

            2.  ORIGINAL SIN
                    Here is a quote from "Not in His Image" by John L. Lash.   "Redemption is like protection offered by the Mafia.  The system that offers
                    atonement for sin must make sure that people will be in desperate need of its services."
​           3.  THE "SAVIOR" 
                    Salvation is unnecessary without unforgivable "sin".  The word sin comes from the list of commandments credited to Moses on Mt. Sinai.
                    Christ taught people how to "save" themselves, not to be dependent on a vindictive off-the-planet Father. 

            4.  OUR "FATHER"
                    An obvious creation of a patriarchal organization that still stubbornly refuses to grant equality to females, without whom there would be no
                    human beings.  All human being are androgynous, timeless, multi-dimensional "souls" made of the male YANG and the female YIN.  The 
                    creative force of which we are a part is both.  

            5.  BIRTH AND DEATH 
                    Revolving doors through which we all pass many times.  "Birth" is like diving from a beautiful forest into a deep pool which limits our 
                    perception until we finish "swimming" underwater and re-emerge at "death".  The process is eternal, and Earth is only one of countless
                    realities.  Heaven and Hell are states of mind we create for ourselves.


                    What follows is a brief discussion of the Bible, which the Vatican and others view as the infallible word of God.  Not only does the Catholic
            church, who wrote, and/or edited, and published this work say it is all literally true, they even discourage their members from reading it by saying
            that their ordained priests are the only persons capable of its proper interpretation.  A book full of poetry and symbolism cannot possibly be taken
            literally, and one that purportedly tells history, but leaves out ninety percent of it is not very helpful, either.  

            Here are a couple of examples:

                    NEW TESTAMENT

                    If you were going to publish a biography of the man you believed to be the most important person in history, and he only lived about 33 years,
            would you give only sketchy information about 15 of those years and totally ignore the rest?  That's what the Vatican has done with Jesus' life, even
            though they know the rest of the story.  They obviously did not want to share it with the world for reasons of their own.  It's time they did.

                    OLD TESTAMENT

                    A.  As far as history goes, the story of the Hebrews goes back thousands of years to other cultures, some perhaps even extra-terrestrial,                                    and involves many details that have been left out of the book.  The result is their belief in an imaginary sky God who views them as the chosen 
            people, and metes out blessings and punishments at will.  This is the God who was inherited by the Christians because Yeshua (Jesus) was
            Jewish by birth. 

                    B.  The literal interpretation of the "creation" story of Adam, Eve, and the Garden is a very quaint child's tale, but was obviously never intended
            to be taken literally.  It is, of course, an allegory, and seems to have more than one possible interpretation.  Briefly, though, it really is a tale of 
            mankind's emergence on the planet in a perfect state (Eden), and subsequent alteration to conditions that seem less than ideal (The Fall).
            The cast of characters in the story is interesting.  Adam (man) represents the active, positive, earth-centered side of a human, and Eve (woman)
            represents the thinking, reflective, spiritual side.  The serpent (wisdom) is an age-old symbol with many meanings.  One of the better known
            references to a serpent is that of an energy source called Kundalini.  This force is said to reside in the lowest Chakra in a human's non-physical
            body, and when awakened, provides spiritual awareness and power at one level, and sexual energy at another.  
                    That explains the mis-interpretation chosen by the church.  Instead of pointing out that the spiritual power of the "serpent" made Eve aware of
            their status as part of the God-force that created them, they chose instead that it was sex that was awakened and that it was somehow evil enough
            to cause their eviction from the perfect "Garden".  This is the root of the misogyny that still characterizes the religion that arose.  Somehow it was
            decided that man was perfect until the evil woman came around.  Thus we have had two or three thousand years of a disastrous patriarchy.


                    In summary, this gave rise to one more huge distortion of the "Jesus" story.  The character called "Mary Magdalen" is given very little attention
            in the four chosen "Gospels" selected for publication from the 40 or 50 that were available.  The truth is that she was a student at the Temple of  
            Isis in Egypt, was taught by Mary, one of the priestesses there who became Jesus' mother.  No mention is made of the fact that the wedding at Cana
            where Jesus turned water to wine was his own wedding, and Mary from Magdala was his bride.  Together they spread the truth to thousands of 
            "disciples" both male and female (not just twelve men), which brought down the wrath of Rome.
                    There is much, much more to the story that was overlooked, edited out, or deliberately destroyed.  In 325 A.D. Constantine, a desperate 
            Roman emperor, created a fictitious "Christian" religion to try to unify his dying realm.  Basing it on Jesus was the only reason it survived, and 
            200 years after that a "Pope" named Gregory added insult to injury by stating officially that Mary Magdalen was a prostitute.  
                    As previously mentioned, this information, and much more, is available now to anyone with enough curiosity to seek it out.  It has always 
            been available to the Vatican, and the current world situation calls upon them to step up and be the source of truth they have always claimed to be.

                                                                                                                                                              ...   Merlyn                                                                                                                                                                         


                                                                                                                                                                                                      December 2017

                  In 2011, we published an article in 11:11 Magazine (  We would like to reprint it here,        
            because it seems appropriate now as well.  Hope you like it.  It was entitled "SECRETS", by Ben Bolt


                    GREAT NEWS!   I've just discovered the secret of a happy marriage.  

                Now all I need to find is the secret of life, and I can relax.  That's probably all I need to know.  Don't misunder-
            stand - it hasn't been that easy.  I've been married almost 50 years, and I just recently found the secret, so there
            might have been some times along the way when the happy part was harder to find.  That's what all my wives 
            said. At least, I think that's what they said. 
                But since I now have the marriage secret, I plan to really concentrate on the happy life part.  I'm sure I'll be 
            able to find that pretty soon, too.  I've been working on that for 50 years, as well, and so far I've come up with
            over 30 guaranteed secrets of life.  All that remains for me is to try all the methods I haven't already tried, and 
            I'm sure I can arrive at the right one by the process of elimination.  Some of the meanings of life I've heard
            could possibly be exempted from consideration anyway - I mean, really?

                    1.  There isn't any meaning.  It's all an accident.
                    2.  There are a lot of Gods and Goddesses fighting over who runs the world.
                    3.  We're just animals, but we're the smartest ones around.
                    4.  We're all evil creatures, and we're going to pay for it.
                    5.  Never eat an apple if a snake tells you to.
                    6.  We just need to read the right book, and we'll be OK.
                    7.  We just need to follow the right prophet, and we'll be OK.
                    8.  We just need to meditate all day, and we'll be OK.
                    9  We're not going to be OK.  We're all going to hell.
                    10. There is no hell, or no heaven either. This is all there is.
                    11. Eat, drink, and be merry.
                    12. Don't eat meat, don't drink strong drinks, and get serious.
                    13. Pick a religion, and run around trying to convert everyone else.
                    14. Pick a religion, and kill everybody who disagrees with you.
                    15. Keep fighting until we decide which race, religion, etc., is the best.
                    16. Keep forming new countries until one of them works.
                    17. Build as many new cities as we can.
                    18. See who can be the best athlete.
                    19. See who can be the best singer.
                    20. See who can get the most toys.
                    21. See who can be the smartest.
                    22. See who can be the best looking.
                    23. Run around like headless chickens.  Call it travel.
                    24. Try different forms of government and argue about them.
                    25. Write books.  Write newspapers.  Write laws.
                    26. Build rocket ships and get off this planet before it explodes.
                    27. Keep creating new illnesses so we can find more cures.
                    28. Build more and bigger hospitals.
                    29. Build more and bigger TV sets.
                    30. Invent more technology.
                    31. Dig up more natural resources.
                    32. Find more uses for trees.
                    33. Search everywhere for happiness.  Buy it if you have to.
                    34. If nothing works, give up and kill ourselves.

                    Etc., etc.

                        There must be an answer in there somewhere.  Everyone can't be wrong, can they?  My own mantra 
                goes something like this:  I'm searching for the meaning of life, but right now I'll settle for my car keys.  
                (If i knew where my glasses were, I'm sure I could find the keys.)  
                    Many people say that they want to find the secret of life, but I suspect that what they really want is to be
                happy all the time.  Isn't happiness what we're looking for?  The complication is that we all need something
                different to make us happy.  There is a wonderful folk tale that addresses this universal quest beautifully:

                            The story is that there is a magical green stick that is hidden somewhere and that if we can
                        find the green stick, we will then be happy all of our life.  When we learn this, we all start on a
                        determined search for the green stick of happiness.  We look everywhere, travel far and wide, 
                        and ask anyone who will listen to help us find it.
                            Many of us spend years in this adventure and never seem to find the stick no matter where
                        we go, who we meet, or how hard we try.  We become discouraged, and finally go back to 
                        where we started, tired and sad.  One day, when we are just digging in our back yard to plant
                        some flowers, we strike something unusual, dig a little deeper, and find a green stick - right 
                        where it always was.  

                    This story is about the great cosmic joke.  The universe has a wonderful sense of humor, which is why 
                when we are really happy, we always laugh.  Laughing is universal, and have you noticed, no-one laughs 
                with an accent?  The joke is on us, though, and when we finally "get it", we will never stop laughing.  
                The joke is:

                    1.  Everyone is looking everywhere for the eternal truth.
                    2.  "Truth" and "God" are are synonyms.  Finding truth, we find the Creator, and also 
                          the third synonym, "Joy".
                    3.  God/Truth/Joy is not to be found in any religion, any life-style, or anything else that is
                          outside of us.  
                    4.  God/Truth/Joy is inside us right now, and always has been.  We have merely forgotten,
                           and we've been looking in the wrong place.  Know this, and our happiness is guaranteed.

                       Find a stick, paint it green, and hang it on your wall so you will never forget again.  

                    SECRETS:  There's more ...  

                        "To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering 
                        about in a great library without touching the books."
                                                                                                               ...  Manly P. Hall   

                    In 1928, Manly Hall wrote and published a very large book called "The Secret Teachings of All Ages".
                It is still available after more than twenty printings.  At present, six different editions are being sold by
                the Philadelphia Research Society on their website -

                This fact raises a few questions:
                        1.  Are there really "secret" teachings?
                        2.  If so, are they important, or merely secret?
                        3.  Why are they secret?  

                    Let us just take these questions in order, and see if we can find some satisfactory answers.


                    I suppose we should first be aware of the fact that there are at least two different kinds of secrets.  
                The first is obvious.  If I know something, you don't know it, and I keep it from you, then I am 
                "keeping a secret" for reasons that may or may not be justified.  The second kind of secret could just be,
                like "secrets of nature", information that nobody seems to have, and it is secret only because it is too 
                arcane for us to understand, or we just don't get it.  
                    In either case, if one or a group of us has access to knowledge that most others do not, then the "haves"
                can elect to share it with others or choose not to.  If they decide to pass along their possession only to a
                select few, then this private information could certainly be considered secret teachings.  Does this happen?        
                Well, for the past several thousand years, there have certainly been many efforts to keep some ideas from 
                being circulated among the masses.  Many are still not in possession of these "facts", if indeed they are facts.
                That means that the answer to question number one is an emphatic YES.  There are indeed some teachings
                that have been closely guarded, if not kept completely secret.


                    The teachings we are talking about here might better be referred to as philosophical beliefs that were held
                by certain groups of individuals.  These believers, who were often very passionate about their beliefs, were 
                certainly convinced that at least some of their data was important enough to be carefully guarded and passed
                along (often verbally) to only to a select group of highly qualified initiates.
                    While the accuracy of philosophical beliefs has always been the subject of endless debates, there is a 
                remarkable consistency about some of these ideas.  Certain fundamental points of view have been around as
                far back as we can find records, and have survived a huge assortment of civilizations, Gods and Goddesses,
                wars, and both theological and political persecutions.  Here are a few interesting examples:

                        PLUTARCH - Know thyself.

                        LAO-TZU - He who knows others is wise.  He who knows himself is enlightened.

                        CONFUCIOUS - Without recognizing the ordinances of heaven, it is impossible to be a superior man.

                        PLATO - a. The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.

                                     b. You cannot conceive the many without the one.

                        ARISTOTLE - What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

                        BHAGAVAD GITA - Who sees Me in all, and sees all in Me, for him I am not lost, and he
                                                    is not lost for me.

                        MARCUS AURELIUS - What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.

                        JESUS - The kingdom of heaven is withing you.
                        THE KORAN - God changes not what is in a people until they change what is in themselves.

                      It looks like there is a "bottom line" there, doesn't it?  In "Conversations with God - Bk2", by 
                Neale Donald Walsch, there is a beautiful one-sentence summation of what he calls "The Ultimate Truth".
                This is his "God Voice" speaking:  

                   "You must stop seeing God as separate from you, and you as separate from each other."     

                WHY IS THIS A SECRET?

                      It is a little puzzling why this "Ultimate Truth" has been somewhat concealed from so many for so long.
                The reasons usually given are that the "truth that will set you free" is so powerful that it is like giving dynamite
                to children, or that most individuals on earth at any given time are incapable of understanding it anyway.
                     It may be true that allowing everyone to know that the force behind the entire universe is also inside of 
                them could cause some of them to try to misuse the power.  Isn't that what we have been doing anyway?
                We can hardly be more destructive than we have been so far, so perhaps it is high time that this veil be
                lifted to see how many of us will accept our own responsibility and use the knowledge wisely.  I believe that
                most of us will.  

                    Oh yes, the secret of a happy marriage  --  i forgot it.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            January 2018

                         HAPPY NEW YEAR    -     WELCOME TO 2018

                            At the bottom of this page, you will find a reprint of an article that appeared in 11:11 Magazine in 2010.  The following is another of those articles                                    also from the fall of 2010.  The author of these articles is also your author of this website.   We hope you enjoy them.  

                    This article was entitled E=mc2.  You will no doubt recognize this famous formula given to us by Albert Einstein.  Here is another of his thoughts.

                          "There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is."


                            Let us speak of solidity.  Mr. Webster says that the English word solid originated as the Latin word solidus, which                                                      meant "firm", or "compact".  He also lists seventeen other definitions in my dictionary, as well as five synonyms -
                        including "stable", and "strong".  Definition number twelve simply says "real; genuine".
                                As always, there seems to be much discussion these days about reality and genuineness, and a variety of opinions
                        about them.  The scientific world, for the most part, contends that reality begins and ends with the evidence of our five
                        senses.  They, to their credit, are beginning to have their own doubts about that.  Even the physicists have discovered
                        an amazing inter-changeability between the energy we call matter and the energy we call thoughts.
                                If it is fair to say that our thoughts are real or genuine, is it therefore also correct to say that thoughts are solid?
                        I believe it can be shown that not only do thoughts become things, but that on other levels of awareness besides the
                        physical we are focused on, they are very solid things.  
                                That which we refer to as "matter", as most scientists would now agree, is a concentrated form of energy.  The
                        amount of energy required to condense into a physical form is apparently staggering.  This is demonstrated by our
                        friend Einstein's famous theory - E=mc2.  In this formula, E is the energy, and m is the mass, or matter.  The mass is 
                        then multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c), which is approximately 186,000 miles per second.  Squaring 
                        186,000 results in 34,596,000,000, and that is in miles-per-second.  If we used inches-per second, it's clear that we
                        would have a very large number indeed. 
                                The atomic bomb is an example of how much energy is condensed in a rather large mass of uranium.  At any rate,
                        it demonstrates how much concentrated energy (in general terms) is required to form some substances we call matter.
                        A slightly smaller amount of energy in condensed form would also form a "solid" substance, but one that exists at a 
                        frequency that doesn't register on our human senses, so we are not consciously aware of it.  It is not, however, less
                        real, genuine, or solid.  
                                I have had the experience called "lucid dreaming", where I was consciously aware that I was dreaming while my
                        physical body was asleep.  On one occasion, I deliberately tested the "sidewalk" I was walking on in my dream.  I 
                        stamped on it several times with my foot, and to my dream body, it was every bit as solid and firm as any earthly
                        concrete.  Solidity, like beauty, is apparently in the senses of the beholder.
                                In simple terms, there are endless systems of reality that are less "dense" than our own, and others that have a
                        more intense concentration of energy.  Ours is merely the level we are tuned into, and unless we make a sincere effort 
                        to expand our perception, it is the only one we see.  That which we generally refer to as solid ground is the earth on 
                        which we stand, and of course the earth is technically weightless, since it is floating in orbit and held apparently by
                        magnetic force.  How "solid" is this matter we take for granted if it would disintegrate immediately without the electrical
                        energy that is holding it together?
                                The physical reality of your world and mine, no matter what some scientists say, is not a cause, it is a result.  It is
                        a dynamic and ever-changing collection of objects (in "space") and events (in "time").  They are all created by the 
                        powerful energy forms we call belief and intention, and intensified by the magnifying force we call emotion.  Furthermore,
                        there is not just one world that we inhabit.  You make your world with your beliefs and intention, and I make mine.                                                      They may appear to be the same, but they are not.  
                                In an electrical field, the force behind an electrical current is called voltage.  Low voltage produces little electrical
                        current.  Our emotions work just like that - no emotion, no results.  In the world of religion, it has been said that "God
                        is Love".  The terms are interchangeable.  The creative force behind it all is electrical in nature, and what makes it work
                        is the emotion we are calling "love".  There must be a lot of it.  This is a pretty amazing creation, and beliefs, and 
                        intentions, and "love" are the truly solid things causing it.  If we are looking for "solid ground" in our universe, it appears
                        that we are apt to find it wherever we look, because (to paraphrase Einstein), either nothing is solid, or everything is.
                                Dr. Deepak Chopra defines our universe as an "unlimited field of energy and information".  If somehow we were 
                        able to "see" the whole field at one time, I'm quite sure that we would be embarrassed by how our narrowly-focused
                        rational minds have missed almost everything.  It's fairly difficult to measure infinity with a twelve inch ruler.  The
                        society we lovingly refer to as "modern", or even "new age", has been so immersed in its own diversity and competition
                        that we have almost lost sight of the oneness that surrounds us and "in whom we live and have our being".
                                We have separated nature into animals, plants, and minerals, and sub-divided those classifications almost infinitely.
                        We have broken down the universal search for truth and meaning into an enormous variety of "religions", and quibbled 
                        about them to the point of open warfare.  We have taken the old "earth-centered" cosmos of the dark ages and 
                        grudgingly expanded it to a "solar-system-centered" view of the universe in which our galaxy with billions of suns is only
                        one of billions of galaxies.  
                                We are like music lovers who attend a concert featuring a 200-piece symphony orchestra and are only able to hear
                        the part being played by the second flute section.  The security, the stability, and yes, the solidity we are all looking for
                        in our world is right before our eyes and ears.  What is solid, real, and genuine is the amazing limitless universe we are 
                        all part of and helping to create every moment.  The symbolic language of the book of Genesis says "God said, let there
                        be light".  There is.  The "light" is the unlimited field of energy and information, and it is in us and everything else we see
                        or even think about.  
                                When this light is focused specifically on a human being, it interestingly turns each of us into a refracting prism of
                        seven energy centers (we call them chakras), each with its own apparent color.  All we need to do to find the stability we
                        long for is to stop focusing on the individual colors and look inside for their source.  We ask what about illness?  What 
                        about suffering?  What about war?  What is happening to the planet?  What can one person do?  The answer is, and 
                        always has been the same.  

                              * Start where you are, in the eternal NOW - forget the past and the future - they don't exist. 

                              * Do the best you can where you are with what you have.  Open your eyes and APPRECIATE, and more will be given.

                              * When nothing appears to be working, start again.  Your thoughts WILL become things.  Choose the good ones.

                                The energy of our infinite universe is definitely solid, real, and genuine.  It is also permanent.  It is not going to go
                        away, and neither are you.  The symphony has always been playing.  We just need to keep listening and dancing to the
                        music.  There is a reason why we have chosen music as a reference for the uni-verse - our "one song".  It is the same     
                        reason that neither science nor organized religion has yet to come close to understanding the fabulous creation we live in.
                        Both schools of thought seem to have overlooked one basic truth.  
                                If we have before us the complete score of a Beethoven symphony, a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, or even a 
                        Broadway production by Leonard Bernstein, is it music?  If we have before us the blueprints needed to create a rocket 
                        ship that will carry us to the moon, and we even understand them, is that the same as flying?  if we study the rules of
                        oil painting, poetry, or choreography, and know every one of them thoroughly, have we created art?  If we memorize 
                        the entire Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, or the complete teachings of the Compassionate Buddha, have we 
                        gained instant access to heaven?  No?  Why not?
                                Because this world, this universe, this reality - is NOT a machine.  Learning the scientific principles of manufacturing
                        or the rules of religion will not help us to understand it.  It is a living, breathing, infinite, constantly changing, multi-
                        dimensional work of art, and the rules of science and religion do not apply to art.  If we paint one hundred portraits, and
                        do not feel any emotional connection to them, we are not artists, we are painters.  If we learn how to play a dozen musical
                        instruments, and are not moved by the music, we are not musicians, we are technicians.  We are usually referred to as
                        "human beings", but a "human doing" is not the same as a human being.
                                Music is real.  Dance is real.  Sculpture is real.  Architecture is real.  Water-color painting is real.  All art is real,
                        genuine, and solid, but it is impossible to measure.  So is the universe.  If we stop trying so hard to measure it and
                        regulate it, and just BE in it, maybe we will begin to understand it.  

                                                                                                                                                    ... Ben Bolt

                                                    "A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe", a part
                                                     limited in time and space, he experiences himself, his thoughts and
                                                     feelings, as something separate from the rest - a kind of optical delusion
                                                     of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting
                                                     us to our personal decisions and to affection for a few persons nearest 
                                                     to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening
                                                     our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole
                                                     nature in its beauty."

                                                                                                                         ...  Albert Einstein


                                                                                                                                                                    January 2018

                        We have many times mentioned the fact that our lives are created by our beliefs and our                         intentions.  There is an interesting on-line organization calling itself "The Intenders of the
             Highest Good"  (  Their newsletter for January 2018 has a message
             we would like to share on our site.  It strikes me that this intention would be beneficial if it
             was adopted by everyone from the U.S. president on down.  What do you think?

                                                                                                            ...  Merlyn


            The President's Intention Circle

            The President and all his people stood in a large circle on the lawn, holding hands.  In the 
            circle this day were cabinet members, staff members and congressional leaders from both
            parties, as well as the President's immediate family.  All went quiet as a tall stranger on the
            east side of the circle welcomed the group.  This man was a non-political, non-sectarian,
            figure who emanated a personal power that was perhaps even more magnetic than the 
            President's.  As he spoke, a hush fell over the gathering.

            "Today, we do something new," he said.  "Today, we invite the Highest Good into our world
            and into our lives.  Today, we abandon the old manipulative ways of manifesting our wants
            and needs.  No longer will we resort to the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove methods for
            invoking dark idols for the purpose of advancing our own personal motivations.  Instead, we
            stand here today to make intentions as One dedicated to the Highest Good for all mankind."

            You could hear a pin drop as all intention was riveted on this strange, powerful man who
            seemed to glow from the inside out.

            "Accordingly", he went on, "I intend that from this day forward, everything we say and do on
            behalf of this country and the world takes the Highest Good of each and every person on 
            earth into consideration.  Furthermore, I intend that all wars, warmongering and personal
            gain from human suffering stops now and forevermore; that all profiteering from another's
            sickness stops now and forevermore: that all gene-splicing and geo-engineering stops now
            and forevermore; that all man-made weather interference programs stop now and forever-
            more; that all debt is lovingly cancelled and forgiven from this day forward; that all unclean
            environmental practices are stopped as of this moment; and that all current forms of energy
            production are quickly transitioned into the 100% efficient, zero-point energy prototypes we
            have secretly had at our disposal for over 60 years."

            A few grumbles were heard around the circle, but, undaunted, the stranger continued.  
            "Instead of the ways we've done things in the past, now, today, we embark in a new direction.
            With our intentions we have set the gears in motion for unprecedented change, change such
            as our present generation and all generations past could never have imagined.  For as we
            all align with these intentions, we open the gate for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
            to return to all mankind."

            He paused momentarily to look at the crowd and gauge their reactions.  No one stirred.

            "With these intentions we will create a world where all men and women are free and un-
            encumbered; where all men and women are truly equal in the eyes of one and all; where
            all people will know that they can live their lives out without it being interrupted or inter-            
            fered with by anyone anywhere; where optimum health and vitality are returned to every-
            one; where all secrets are brought out into the light for all to see; and where everyone is
            given equal access to all the bounty this world has to offer."

            The grumbling had subsided now because those present had rarely heard anyone speak
            with such power, such certainty.  For these few moments, the President's own power was
            eclipsed by this unusual stranger.

            "This day marks the the time when we have cleared the way for all good things to come
            to our people.  The by-products of our intentions here today are many," he said, "for the
            new direction we take here by coming into alignment with these visions and intentions
            will bring into manifestation abundance and blessing untold.  Indeed, with the advent of
            zero-point energy, all peoples are freed from debt and isolation; with the advent of a 
            clean environment, all people will enjoy good health returning to their bodies; with the     
            advent of no man seeing another as beneath him, equality and true brotherhood returns
            to our world; and with the laying down of all weapons and manifesting mercy toward our
            fellow men and women we step into a world of peace.  This is what we create for our
            children's children here today - a world of freedom, a world of joy, a world of peace that
            gives rise to the greatest civilization ever to exist on this magnificent earth.  With these
            intentions we set the stage for a new direction where we are expanded and filled with
            love for one another, where all people everywhere are free, truly free, now and forever-
            more!  And finally, with these intentions we clear the way for all hearts and minds to open
            wide, for our joy to shine forth from within and for peace to reign for thousands of years
            and beyond!"
            Again, he paused and took a long breath before continuing, "Are we all in alignment with
            the intentions made here today for the Highest and Best Good of the Universe, ourselves
            and everyone everywhere?"

            Without exception, the word "YES!" resounded from each leader in the circle, echoing 
            across the lawn, across the city and out into the far reaches of the cosmos.  And the 
            cosmos smiled down on the new light emanating from the earth.  This is what the cosmos
            had been waiting for.  Now there would be peace.