​                                   CONVERSATIONS -  LEONARDO DA VINCI

​               I have the best of both worlds.  I can still remember and keep in contact with your relative
     world of time and space, while living consciously in our timeless one.  What a blessing, and all 
     of you have it to look forward to when you are ready.  I had my first conversation just now with
     the person you knew as Leonardo DaVinci, and believe me, he is everything you thought he was,
     and more.

     MERLYN:   It is a real pleasure to meet you, Leonardo.  Needless to say, you were, and still are,
     quite famous on Earth.  Is that still a source of pleasure for you?

     LEONARDO:   Well, you also made a name for yourself, and you still seem to be working at it.
     How do you feel about it?  It's really not too difficult to be well-known, however.  A lot of people
     have heard about Attilla the Hun, too.  

     MERLYN:   I see your point.  The reason for one's fame is a matter of some importance, isn't it?

​     LEONARDO:   I'd say so.  I had the opportunity to know some kings and princes and even a Pope
     or two while I was there.  Most of them were remarkable people, but they didn't all leave the 
     world better than they found it.

     MERLYN:   Your fame was based on the fact that you were knowledgeable about so many 
     different subjects.  Of all the skills you had, what was your greatest joy?

     LEONARDO:   You probably won't believe this, but I was a terrific lute player.  I still wish that I
     had spent more time making music, but one had a difficult time earning a living that way.  In 
     Italy, there was a much better market for my art and my scientific work.

     MERLYN:   You were criticized a lot for not finishing many of you artistic projects.  Why didn't you?

     LEONARDO:   You had to bring that up, didn't you?  I guess there just weren't enough hours in a 
     day to do all the things I wanted to do.  I often found myself thinking about my next project while
     working on a current commission, and rather than do it badly because of my lack of concentration,
     I simply quit.  I do feel rather sad about that horse, though.  They would have had a much more 
     difficult time destroying a bronze casting than the clay model.

     MERLYN:    How could you have foreseen so many ideas and inventions that noone else had even
     thought of?

      LEONARDO:   You know the answer to that.  Just like yours, my mind was partly connected to what
     everyone called the past or the future.  We both know now that time does not really exist, so it's 
     just a matter of where one focuses his attention.  Those who are still on Earth now should know
     this about time - I could see it when I was there, and said this then:  In rivers, the water that you 
     touch is the last of what has passed, and the first of that which comes.  So with time present.  

​      MERLYN:   I wish I had said that.  Do you suppose we could continue this conversation at                               another time?  

​      LEONARDO:    Certainly.  I believe we have already done this again in the future, haven't we?      

                                                           BE SURE TO LOOK AT THIS!


             The following items are appearing because in the "Outside of Time and Space" world                                 of the Wizard are many other individuals who have made a name for themselves while 
            here in our relative world on the Earth.  Merlyn has made an acquaintance with a few of
            them, and would like to share some of his conversations with us.  We think you will find 
            these interesting and perhaps even enlightening.


                     In January 2017, we will be moving these "conversations"  all to our                  Archives page to make more room for new entries on this home page.                      We will also plan to find some more interesting people  with whom we                      can converse.  Hope you enjoy it.    
                                                                                                        ...  Merlyn 


​                                               CONVERSATIONS -  ALBERT EINSTEIN

                         ( What a treat to get this glimpse into the mind of a genius.)

            MERLYN:   It's a real pleasure to meet you, Dr. Einstein.  Those of us who have                                     been in touch with the world of time and space have great admiration for your                                     contributions to the natural sciences.

            ALBERT:   Thank you, Merlyn.  I must admit, though, that when I was on earth,
            I d1dn't pay much attention to these worlds outside of time and space, so it                                         appears to me now that my determination to keep my focus on the somewhat                                       narrow idea of "relativity" wasn't really very helpful.

           MERLYN:   That's a pretty common reaction when we leave the physical world
           and arrive here.  It's all about focus, isn't it?

           ALBERT:   It certainly is.  It's just amazing how we can completely concentrate 
           so hard on empirical evidence that we completely miss the bigger picture.  
           My contemporaries who understood the "quantum" theory better than I tried                                        to convince me, but I was pretty stubborn.  I remember telling them that a belief                                  in an external world that is independent of the perceiving subject is the very                                        basis of all natural science.

           MERLYN:   What do you think about that now?

           ALBERT:   Well, I'm proud that I was able to help expand the scientific viewpoint,
           but I didn't go nearly far enough.  I can see now that we cannot stand apart from                                a reality and do any more than present diagrams of it.  We will never understand                                  its true nature at all that way.

          MERLYN:   You spent the latter part of your long career trying to mathematically                                 identify a unified field that would embrace your physical reality and also include                                 the "uncertainty" and "probabilities" of the quantum theory.  Did you ever reach                                 a satisfactory conclusion?

          ALBERT:   Not before I crossed over to this world.  As long as I was focused on
          earth, I just was not able to accept the idea that the unified field might not be                                     physical at all.  It wasn't scientific enough to imagine that the energy we called                                   "consciousness" was the underlying reality that formed the energy we were                                         calling "matter".  

          MERLYN:   Where do you go from here, with an even greater understanding
          of reality than you had before?

          ALBERT:   I can't wait to find that out myself.  I hope I won't be so determined 
          to simplify and measure a universe that is complex and limitless beyond all
          comprehension.  We can't really measure infinity, can we?  Right now the 
          reality I see just gets bigger and more amazing every time I look around at it.
          Why, I just found out that some astronomers from Yale University and Harvard                                     University recently suggested that there might be as many as 300 sextillion                                         stars - that's a 3 followed by 23 zeros.  You know what?  That number is still                                         too small.  The more they search, the more they will find, because I see now                                         that it is their collective imagination that is creating all those galaxies.                                                 It appears that there truly are no limits to this awesome creation.

                       BACK IN THE STONE

        We will do this with a pen.  The weapons
     of war are no longer acceptable nor will they
     be allowed in future centuries.  The world
     that is coming will be run by peaceful men 
     and women.  You can be an important part
     of this new Earth.  Imagine it and expect it.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RANDOM THOUGHTS                                                                                                         (on what it means to be a human being.)
                                                                                           ...  Merlyn                

                  At the end of Thomas Sugrue's wonderful biography of the seer Edgar Cayce,       
           which was entitled "There is a River", the last chapter is entitled Philosophy.  The
           chapter begins with the sentence, "Man demands a beginning and a boundary".
           That's true, and it is our collective problem.  We do insist on having boundaries 
           and limits to everything so that we can measure it and somehow understand it
           better.  The difficulties we create for ourselves by this insistence are, if you'll 
           pardon the expression, endless.
                 Many of us have enjoyed the fascinating feeling of swimming underwater.
           Especially in a natural surrounding like a coral reef, there is something magical
           about immersing oneself in a completely different and amazing aquatic envir-
           onment.  To experience this watery world, we merely have to accept the limit-
           ations it imposes for a short period of time.  Those limitations, of course, are
           many, and rather important.
                 We no longer have access to the air that we need to stay alive unless we 
           take some along with us, and even then we only have a short period of time
           available.  We cannot walk, talk, or hear normally anymore, and our vision is
           often severely reduced as well.  Specifically, without electronic help, we have
           almost completely lost our communication with the world above the water
           suface.  Eventually we tire of working our minds and bodies in the modified
           efforts we call swimming, and happily return to the familiar realm of sunlight
           and fresh air.  
                  This is almost a perfect metaphor for what happens when our real multi-
           dimensional self, sometimes called a "soul", elects to dive into the relative 
           world of time and space.  When we voluntarily lower the curtain of our aware-
           ness to focus our new "conscious" minds on the merely three-dimensional
           realms, the shock is very much like abruptly plunging into cold water.  Our
           new infant physical body invariably begins to cry ... loudly.  I suspect that for
           many of us our first thought immediately after our "birth" is, OMG, now what
           have I done?
                  In spite of the narrow view of the skeptics among us, there exists a huge
           body of information, much of it now in writing, about the circumstances surr-
           ounding a human soul when it is not presently here on earth.  Apparently, there
           is a limitless variety of experiences available to all of us, and no two are exactly
           alike (think snowflakes).  However, there is an amazing consistency in the 
           reports that we have about the quality of the reality we have when not focused
           in a physical body. 
                  Descriptions of this reality always contain words like freedom, joy, security,
           beauty, oneness, peace, contentment, wonder, excitement, lightness, well-
           being, harmony, balance, etc.  These are words we might use to describe a 
           place like the one we call heaven.  It certainly seems significant that everyone
           who tries to describe this experience uses the same terminology - it implies 
           that the viewpoint has definite validity.  
                  In order to carry our swimming analogy forward, we are forced to assume
           that the "souls" we are talking about exist prior to physical birth on this planet.
           In our mind that is a far more logical assumption than the notion that an eternal
           entity is created only when a human baby is born.  Even the scientific society has
           now concluded that time does not really exist, so eternity becomes a permanent
           NOW instead of merely a one-directional extension of time.  
                  At any rate, it is not surprising that a soul living in the blissful freedom of
           a heavenly environment would have a big adjustment to make when suddenly
           faced with this world's limitations.  It begins to make sense that we all require
           a growing up period before accepting the responsibility for our own earthly life.
                  This raises the inevitable questions.  Why on earth would we come here in
           the first place, and why can't we remember where we came from?   These 
           questions have been answered repeatedly over the centuries by countless 
           enlightened souls, many of whom have been ignored, laughed at, or even 
           martyred for answering them.  Now, in the century we call the 21st, there seems
           to be slightly more open-mindedness and a quickening global trend toward 
           awareness of who we really are.  It's about time - we're coming dangerously 
           close to destroying the whole game (again?).
                  Wisdom tells us that the limits we encounter here are voluntary, self-
           imposed, and temporary.  The enlightened ones say that we are here because
           we chose to come here, and we are "swimming" in the ocean of time and space 
           for the sheer exhilarating experience of doing so.  The boundaries of relativity,
           like the rules and the sidelines of an athletic contest, are what make the game
           satisfying and fun if we let them. 
                  Like all the self-help gurus have been telling us, "attitude is everything".
           We can jump right in, live in the NOW, try to remember who we are and why
           we're here, and thoroughly enjoy the challenges we call life, OR - we can claim
           we didn't ask to be born, bemoan our fate, imagine that we are victims instead
           of creators, and make ourselves and others unhappy in the process.  It's our
           God-given "free will" choice.  What is the potential result of choosing to be the
           eternal multi-dimensional beings we truly are?  I thought you'd never ask.
                  In the 1970's a remarkable woman named Jane Roberts "channeled" for
           several years an entity who said "I don't really have a name, but you can call 
           me Seth".  With the help of her husband, who transcribed every word, Jane/
           Seth produced a vast and profound body of consistent observations, in writing,
           on the human condition.  It is available to anyone in several books and in book 
           stores as well as on-line.  This is a sample from "The Nature of Personal Reality".
           (copyright 1974 by Amber-Allen Publishing)

                  "The human personality has no limitations except those which it accepts.
           There are no limits to its development or growth, if it will accept no limits.
           There are no boundaries to the self except those boundaries which the self
           arbitrarily creates and perpetuates.  There is no veil through which human 
           perception cannot see, except the veil of ignorance which is pulled down by
           the materialistic ego.
                   That which appears empty, such as your space, is empty only for those
           who do not perceive, who are blind because they fear to perceive that which
           the ego cannot understand.  The ego, however, is also capable of greater 
           knowledge and potentiality and scope.  It dwells in the physical universe, but
           it can indeed also perceive and appreciate other realities.  The ego is part of 
           the personality, and as such it can partake of sturdier, heartier, more vivid
           realities.  The personality can dwell and does dwell in many worlds at once.
                   The inquiring intuitions and the searching self, like summer winds, can
           travel in small and large spaces, can know of actualities that are more minute
           than pinheads and more massive than galaxies.  The power and ability of the
           human personality, in a most practical manner, can be seen as unlimited."

                                                                                           ... Seth

                   If perhaps you are one of those who are not satisfied with channeled 
           information, here are two more examples of the same kind of advice offered
           by different sources.  One is contemporary 21st century wisdom, and the 
           other refers to centuries past.  Nothing has changed.  Those who are aware
           have always been so.
                   FROM THE PRESENT:  A quote from a wonderful author, speaker, and
           modern-day guru named Mike Dooley, who inspires thousands of people daily
           with his personal "Notes From the Universe" at www.tut.com.  We heartily 
           recommend that you do yourself a favor and get to know Mike.  

                  "Admission into time and space requires a belief in limits; a belief that
           both time and space are real; that you can therefore have and have not; that
           love can be lost or found; and that you are what your physical senses show
           you and no more.  
                   These illusions immediately lead you to believe that you are incomplete.
           Yet, far from indicating you are flawed, they reveal your brilliance by filling you
           with desire, igniting your emotions, fueling your passions, and catapulting you
           out into the world where journeys are begun, connections are made, and dreams
           come true ... only to be replaced by new dreams as your divine sense of 
           incompleteness persists.  
                   This is by design.  Feeling incomplete does not make you so.  It's how
           legends are born, giants are made, and history is written.  It's why you're here.
           To ever so briefly escape your true identity as you live with an unquenchable
           thirst that will lead into adventures of grandeur, discovery, and a realization 
           that love is all there is."

                    FROM THE PAST:  There is a treasure trove of knowledge often referred 
           to as Ancient Wisdom, and is sometimes called The Mysteries.  The Mysteries,
           or Mystery Schools, were ancient colleges of spiritual training.  They existed 
           all over the world in various forms from Polynesia, to Mexico, to Europe, to
           China, to what we now call the Middle East, and specifically Egypt.  Undoubtedly,
           the knowledge is older still, but our historical records are incomplete.  
                   The curricula were long (often twenty years), rigorous, and highly motiv-
           ated.  Their objective was no less than to produce super-human beings who
           would be the spiritual teachers and guides of the human race.  This training 
           pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years, and its true objective was to 
           elevate the selected trainees to the level of conscious co-creators of the 
           universes.  The key word in that sentence is conscious, because we are all
           co-creators whether or not we know it consciously.  The only reason that our
           world struggles to survive is because of a majority who tend to co-create un-
           consciously, thus generating less-than-ideal results. 
                    In the foreword of Manly P. Hall's encyclopedic volume on philosophy
           (copyright 1988 by The Philosophical Research Society), Henry L. Drake, the
           Society's Vice President, says:

                    "In the program of the Mysteries, each individual must grow into the
           comprehension of truth.  Before he could be entrusted with the divine powers
           of mind and will, he must accept knowledge as a responsibility to his Creator
           and his world, rather than as an opportunity for the advancement of 
           personal ambitions.  The masters of the Mysteries taught secret practices and 
           disciplines by which the properly qualified disciples could develop the potent
           abilities latent within the soul, and so, come into conscious communication 
           with spiritual realities."

                     So how do we, as Seth's "human personalities", access our unlimited
           potential?  First, by realizing and accepting that it is there, and second, by
           repeatedly directing our attention inwardly to the source of our power.  The
           connection is always there.  It is our responsibility and our destiny to remember
           how to turn it on.  Is there one "secret" that will allow us to open the door to
           our hidden potential?  Probably not.  There are no doubt as many secrets as
           there are seeking souls trying to find one, because each of us is walking his/
           her own path, but there is one attribute we all have that can provide a clue.
           It is a talent that belongs to every child from day one, and grows daily until
           "maturity" slowly eats away at it and renders it ineffective.  It is the MAGic
           we refer to as iMAGination.
                     Why is our imagination so important?  Consider this.  We cannot see
           the end of the heavens.  There are literally billions of galaxies in the heavens, 
           and we will never be able to count them all, but we can imagine them.  We
           cannot see the energy we call atoms, either.  Atoms are really invisible, but
           even if they weren't, they are so small as to be almost beyond our under-
           standing - and now we have dissected them into far smaller components. 
           How can we grasp this reality?  By imagining it, that's how.
                     What are the limits of imagination?  There are none that I know of.
           The term "limited imagination" is an oxymoron, since no matter how vast we
           imagine our multi-verse to be, it could always be greater.  Science has
           postulated the "big bang" theory which imagines our physical universe to be
           expanding at an accelerating pace.  Nobody yet to our knowledge has 
           mentioned that it could also be diminishing at the same rate in the opposite
           direction, but that is equally plausible.  Or perhaps the universe is expanding
           in multiple directions simultaneously, and we are only  aware of one.  Who
           can prove this is not so?  
                    How many realities can you imagine? The final chapter of the book I 
          mentioned at the beginning of this article (There is a River) makes it clear that
          all of man's philosophies combined are not large enough to begin to explain
          our reality, which has no beginning, ending, or boundaries.  And the beauty of
          it is that we are all participating in its ongoing creation.  
                    Let me offer a gift left for us by Jane Roberts in 1979.  In addition to 
          being a channel for Seth, Jane was also a gifted author and poet.

                                    What magicians we all are, 
                                    Turning darkness into light, 
                                    Transforming invisible atoms 
                                    Into the dazzling theater of the world.
                                    Pulling objects
                                    (people as well as rabbits)
                                    Out of secret microscopic closets;
                                    Turning winter into summer, 
                                    Making a palmful of moments
                                    Disappear through time's trap door.

                                    We learned the methods
                                    So long ago
                                    That they're unconscious
                                    And we've hypnotized ourselves
                                    Into believing that we're the audience,
                                    So I wonder where we served 
                                    Our apprenticeship.
                                    Under what master magician did we learn
                                    To form reality
                                    So smoothly that we forgot to tell ourselves 
                                    The secret.
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                                              INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                           (A Primer for a Successful Life)

                                                                by Ben Bolt


                    How is your world?  Is it perfect?  Probably not.  At least I bet it doesn't seem like
            it is.  Even if you have achieved a certain level of contentment, you are still likely to have
            some future goals.  I'll wager that you still have a list of things that you want to do for
            yourself or someone else.  You might want more material things, better health, more 
            security, more friends, or any one of a dozen other things that you believe will make
            your life richer and more satisfying.  Wouldn't it be nice if you woke up every morning
            glad to be alive and feeling great?
                    What about those of you who have little or nothing to be glad about?  You may
            have poor health, or you may have no money and no apparent prospects for getting 
            any.  Some of you do not even have enough to eat, have lost someone who was dear
            to you, or are being victimized by others who seem to have power over you, and won't
            let you control your own life.  
                    This world has an endless variety of life situations, and they can certainly be
            vastly different.  Some seem to have everything, and it may or may not be enough,
            while many others have a reasonably comfortable life, and some have practically 
            nothing going for them.  Why is this?  What's going on?  Why does it look like some
            people never get a break, while others are coasting through this world almost without
            a care?  It's not fair! Somebody should do something about it, right?  Call 911!
                  Yeah, that's what we'll do.  We'll call 911.  We'll write a letter to our congressman.
            We'll organize a protest march.  We'll go steal something.  We'll go to church and pray.
            We'll build a bomb and blow up something - or somebody.  We'll get a gang together
            and go harass someone else to make ourselves feel a little better.  We'll go to the 
            doctor.  We'll take some pills.  We'll call somebody on our cell phone.  We'll go to the
            gym and work out.  We'll get something to eat.  We'll go to a city council meeting and
            demand some changes.  We might even volunteer to help someone else.  We'll drink,
            or take some drugs.  We'll go buy a book.  We'll have sex.  We'll all lean out a window
            and shout together, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"
                    There now, don't we feel better?  Now we can go back to living our life just like 
            we used to until the next crisis comes along.  I sure hope the terrorists don't come to
            my neighborhood, or my state doesn't get hit by a tornado, a hurricane, or an
            earthquake.  Have you ever thought, or even done some of those things?  Sure you
            have.  We all have.  Unless you are one of those unfortunate people whose life revolves
            around just trying to find the next meal, or you're in prison or a hospital, "doing
            something" is your life.  So what's the problem?
                    Here's the problem.  The world is a half-full glass.  Of course, that means that it is
            always also half-empty.  Your life is the same way, and you are either in the process of
            emptying it out or filling it up.  The people who are caught in the half-empty part of 
            the world usually can use some help to get out, so the others need to be helping.  If
            we are not somehow working on the solution, then we become part of the problem.
            We have no choice about this.  The world is a lot like a school, and it is up to us to 
            determine the form that the lessons will take.  They can be enjoyable challenges or
            miserable drudgery.  That is the part we get to choose.  
                    What is wrong with doing any of the things on the list of options we mentioned?
            Well, a few of them, such as exercising, reading a good book, helping someone else,
            having sex (at an appropriate time and place with the right partner), or some other
            pro-active effort, are positive steps in the right direction, and contribute to  the half-
            full part for ourselves and for the world.  That's a good thing.  Unfortunately, most of
            the others are simply a means of shifting the responsibility for our lives to someone
            else so we do not have to think or do anything about it ourselves.
                    Let's examine the list a little more closely to try to get an idea of what is really
            happening when we do these things.

            Example #1:  Calling 911
                    The 911 emergency response system is a great idea.  It has saved many lives
            and expedited help to people who were caught in a crisis that seemingly was not of
            their own making.  The help, medical or otherwise, was sorely needed and greatly 
            appreciated at the time.  
                    However, what if the emergency was the result of an "accident" that we 
            ourselves caused by carelessness, inattention, or just plain indifference.  Having 
            someone else bail us out of the mess we have caused may not be productive at all
            in the long run.  After the immediate crisis has been cleared up, what lesson was 
            learned from the mistake?  Did we learn never to make the same mistake again, 
            or did we learn that someone else will always be available to come and fix the 
            problems caused by our carelessness?  It's a critical lesson, and needs to be learned.

            Example #2:  Pills, drugs, or alcohol. 
                    Is it fair to lump these things together in one category?  I think so.  Whether a
            product that is designed to alter the body's chemical balance is called medicine, 
            recreational drugs, a social drink, or a dangerous mind-altering illegal substance, the 
            result is the same.  A physical change is effected that also produces a mental alteration.
            The two things always happen simultaneously, because the mind and the body are two
            halves of the same thing.  They are yoked together like two oxen pulling the same cart.
            We cannot push or pull either one of them without affecting the other.  
                    A lifetime of negative thinking of one kind or another will inevitably bring about
            physical problems, and treating these problems with a physical substance of any kind
            is the worst form of cop-out.  In the same way, physically abusing ourselves with 
            negative activities or chemical "treatments" will show up as a troubled, depressed, 
            or confused mind.  Whose fault or responsibility is that?  Should the troubled person
            see a doctor, a therapist, or a counselor?  Or should the "victim" simply change their
            life style or negative thinking to stop the downhill slide?

            Example #3:  Write Congress or complain to city government.
                    Far too many of us, when confronted with one of society's frustrating problems,
            respond with the attitude or the statement that "somebody should do something
            about it", or "they need to get busy and fix this".  Who are "they"?  They are the 
            doers, the problem solvers, the entrepreneurs, the pro-active people who get them-
            selves involved in negative situations affecting not just themselves, but others around
            them, or even society as a whole.  They pitch in and try to make a difference.  They
            are not the ones who march around in the streets carrying signs and demanding that
            the government, a corporation, or some other group make changes for them.  They 
            are not the ones who are first in line for any form of governmental hand-out, and 
            then complain loudly that their taxes are too high.

                    If you live in a democratic society, as many of you do, then you must realize that
            while it is necessary  that we communicate with our elected officials, the downfall of 
            our system begins when everyone is trying to vote himself a larger and large slice of 
            the pie.  Certain group responsibilities are sometimes best handled by a collective
            "government", but they are few, and must always be limited, or the government 
            becomes a master instead of the servant it is meant to be.  
                    The only way to stop the growth of governmental power, no matter the form, is
            for individual citizens to take the responsibility for their own and others welfare.  Many
            people do.  They are the problem-solvers of the world.  They are the builders, not the
            destroyers.  They can be captains of industry, the lowest menial laborer, or a mother
            who cares for her children.  It is not the position that matters, it is the attitude.
                    In the pages to come, we will try to expand on these and other thoughts about 
            our common status as human beings, and the responsibilities that go with that status.
            We will attempt to be positive, helpful, and specific.  None of the ideas expressed in 
            this writing will be brand new.  There are no new ideas, only new ways of stating the
            age-old facts of our existence.  For some reason, we feel the need to re-state some of
            these truths in our own words.  Maybe we can be of help to some readers, and by 
            planting a few seeds, make the whole garden more beautiful.

                                                       "BOOKS BY MERLYN"   
              As of January 5, 2016, only chapters One through Ten have been moved.  
              Chapters Eleven and Twelve (and the "Summary" can be found on the
              "Archives" page.


               Merlyn's World   

​                           Imagine the Possibilities
       Wily Old Wizard
                         Notes from Outside of Time and Space
        ( Whereof to See the Wizard)

​                                                                                                                                                         January 2015

                                                CONVERSATIONS    -   WILLIAM JAMES 

                        William James became one of the most influential philosophers of his time.
            A physician, an educator, and a Harvard University psychologist, he was famous for,
            among other things, his thorough investigations of metaphysics, and authored many 
            books, most notably, "The Varieties of Religious Experience", which was based on his
            lectures at Edinburgh University in 1901 and 1902.

            Merlyn:   What a privilege to meet you, Dr. James.  Your life-long investigation into the
            mind of mankind truly blazed a trail for many who followed after you.

            W.J.:   It's a pleasure to meet you also, Merlyn.  I must confess that many of us truly 
            doubted your existence while we were laboring under the limitations of time and space.
            My searching, while there, was almost an obsession I could not resist.  Every satisfactory
            answer I discovered simply seemed to raise many more questions.

            Merlyn:   Have you been more successful since then in answering some of them?

            W.J.:   One thing that is clear to me now that I completely overlooked then is that, for
            humans, only the proper blend of intuitions and intellect can provide true vision or 
            understanding.  The meaning of the universe remains invisible to the intellect alone, and
            actually becomes less apparent the more it is examined in a conventionally scientific 

            Merlyn:   Using your intuitions and powerful intellect now, what is your impression of our

            W.J.:   I would like to compare this universe to a model of a multidimensional work of 
            art, rather than a mechanical machine.  Definitely, it is a work of art in progress which 
            is constantly changing, and with a plan beyond the understanding of any human artist.
            We are, while alive, within and a part of this production, and all the categorizing in the
            world will not reveal its meaning.

            Merlyn:   What about the Artist who is creating this universe?  Have you found yourself
            closer to our creative source since you have been here?

            W.J.:   I have not yet encountered a conventional "heaven", or glimpsed the face of God,
            but I certainly feel that I live in a psychological heaven by earth's standards.  Everywhere
            i sense a "presence" that is well-intentioned, gentle, powerful, and all-knowing.

            Merlyn:   You spent your life trying to understand the mind and the purpose of mankind.
            Have you any new insights in that regard?

            W.J.:   I'll say.  It's obvious now that every person, living or "dead", is a unique and 
            perfect materialization of this loving presence.  Each one of us is himself or herself, and
            an agent for the universe at the same time.

            Merlyn:   How can we become more aware of this wonderful presence you feel?

            W.J.:   I suspect that it reveals itself exactly according to the attention one accords it.
            This presence is everywhere, and responds to each of us, but like a summer day, it is a
            delightful medium, and it is quite possible to take it for granted.

            Merlyn:   I'm wondering if you ever despair about the destructiveness of some humans.
            Do you still see evidence of evil?

            W.J.:   You know, I realize now that destructiveness is simply the inadequate expression
            of a good intent.  This atmospheric presence I feel ever seeks the most creative, 
            expansive, loving expression in such immense terms, that it is nonsense to give it human
            characteristics.  To say that evil acts are just malfunctioning good would have sounded
            unbelievable in my lifetime, but the truth I see now is that there is no evil to contend with.
            We are left only to examine the nature of man through its best and not its worst 


            Merlyn:   Dr. James graciously agreed that we should continue our conversation when
            he found that I planned to share it with many who are now experiencing time and
            space.  Please stay with us, and we will try to see that happens. 

          PLEASE NOTE  ...  The book entitled
         "Individual Responsibility" by Ben Bolt
         can now be found on our new page -
         Books by Merlyn. 

               We are leaving the Introduction to
          the book on this page as well while we
          make the transition.  Below you will 
          find a list of the twelve chapter titles.



       * Chapter One - Who Are You?          
       * Chapter Two - 3 Simple Rules
       * Chapter Three - Infinity
       * Chapter Four - Physical Responsibility    
       * Chapter Five - Mental Responsibility
​       * Chapter Six - Spiritual Responsibility
       * Chapter Seven - Good and Evil
       * Chapter Eight - Responsible Government
       * Chapter Nine - Re-decorating  the Jail Cell
       * Chapter Ten - Christianity    

            Chapters Eleven, Twelve, and the
       summary are now on the "Archives" page.                 
       * Chapter Eleven - Reincarnation
       * Chapter Twelve - Health Care
​       * Summary                           


                                      INTRODUCTION TO MERLYN'S WORLD   

                    Those of you who have been fascinated as I have by the tales of King Arthur
            and his knights of the Round Table will probably need no introduction to Merlyn.
            He appears, sometimes prominently, in many of the stories and legends of Arthur,
            and has himself been the sole subject of many books over the intervening years.
                Some of these wonderfully written and often lengthy works have attempted to
            unravel the mysterious origin and life of the famous "magician".  The truth is, 
            however, that no matter how painstaking has been the investigation, no-one really
            knows how many of the "facts" that have been uncovered are really true.
                It is entirely possible that all the stories of Arthur, Merlyn, and the other 
            characters in the tales are merely legends with little or no basis in fact.  To a real
            student of early English history, this matters not at all.  The stories, whether legend
            or history, are simply too enchanting and memorable to be ignored. 
                This man, who has been called Merlinus (Roman), Myrddin (Welsh), and the 
            Merlin of Britain (a title), Emrys (another Welsh name), and assorted other aliases,
            emerges from these epic tales as the most memorable, the most amazing, and 
            perhaps the most important character of all.      
                His seemingly endless roles include those of a musician, traveling bard,
            naturalist, physician, mystic, seer of the future, druid priest, warrior, teacher of 
            Arthur as a young boy, counselor of Arthur the king, emissary of a united Britain,
            architect of shrines, astronomer, and all-around miracle worker.  Small wonder 
            that he has been immortalized as a magician.  If all of these skills and abilities were
            truly a part of this one person, the world has not since seen his equal.
                In our own troubled time, it would certainly be helpful if a man with the insight
            and wisdom of a Merlyn was available to guide us.  Would we listen?  The kingdom
            we call "Camelot" was built on Merlyn's strong principles, and was destroyed when
            they were forgotten.  The legends say that Arthur was the "Once and Future King"
            who will appear again at the proper time to help lead the world down the right path.
            These same legends were not very clear about whether the Merlyn of Britain really
            died, or simply disappeared to re-emerge in another time and place. 
                Is it possible that he has?

                                                                                 ...  Ben Bolt


                                               WORDS OWISDOM

                                                             Y.G.I.T.S.      by  Merlyn
                                                  (Your God is Too Small)

                        "Through physical insight and mathematical rigor,  guided and
                        confirmed by experimentation and observation, we've established
                        that space, time, matter, and energy engage a behavioral repertoire
                        unlike anything any of us have ever directly witnessed.  And now,
                        penetrating analysis of these and related discoveries are leading us
                        to what may be the next upheaval in understanding: The possibility
                        that our universe is not the only universe."

                                                                                From:   "The Hidden Reality"
                                                                                         by Brian Greene

                The author of the above quote, Brian Greene, is not a mystic, a prophet, or a 
        preacher.  He is what we normally refer to as a "scientist".  The following is part of the
        blurb on the jacket of his book:

                        "Brian Greene received his undergraduate degree from Harvard
                    University and his doctorate from Oxford University where he was a
                    Rhodes scholar.  He joined the physics faculty of Cornell University
                    in 1990, was appointed to a full professorship in 1995, and in 1996
                    joined Columbia University, where he is professor of physics and 

                Impressive credentials, indeed.  I think it is safe to say that Dr. Greene is in the
        forefront of what is considered scientific thinking in the 21st century.  In the past 100
        years there has been, if you'll pardon the expression, a quantum leap in the viewpoint
        of the scientific community regarding the nature of our universe.  
                Pushing outward into the macro-cosmic world of the galaxies and simultaneously
        inward to the micro-cosmic world of energy particles has led to the inevitable conclusion
        that there seems to be no limits no matter which direction we look.  It's quite amazing 
        that it has taken us so long to consider this possibility, since the evidence has always
        been there, and the wisest of us have always known it.  Alas, the world of science has
        been insisting on measuring everything for so long that they had become blind to our
        infinite, un-measurable, reality.
                Even now, we read in Brian Greene's quote that there is a "possibility that our
        universe is not the only universe".  That is an oxymoron.  The prefix "uni" means one.
        We cannot have more than one uni-verse.  What we can have is one universe that is 
        far more complex than we have suspected, and that includes possibilities we have yet
        to imagine. That is what we have.
                This is not new information.  Here are a few more quotes from out historical past:

                        "In my Father's house are many mansions."
                                                                                         ... Jesus

                        "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are 
                          dreamed of in your philosophy."
                                                                          ...  William Shakespeare

                        "... connect your subject with the universe and catch an echo of
                            the infinite"   
                                                                         ...  Oliver Wendell Holmes

                        "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once
                          into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty one."
                                                                        ...  The Bhagavad Gita

                        "We look at it and do not see it;
                                 Its name is The Invisible.
                         We listen to it and do not hear it:
                                 Its name is the Inaudible. 
                         We touch it and do not find it;
                                 Its name is the Subtle (Formless)."
                                                                                   ...  Lao Tzu

                This is what I see from outside of the time/space illusion.  The idea that men call
        "The Universe" is all there is, and all that can be imagined and more.  The idea that 
        men call "God" is exactly the same thing.  The personality/force that is the Creator/    
        Creation has no time/space limitations, hence there are no beginnings or endings to 
        find, and no dimensions to be measured.  Any "God" that we can conceive of or describe
        is already too small by definition, since words cannot describe the un-describable, and
        the most precise equipment science can devise cannot measure the un-measurable.


                                                          GREETINGS FROM MERLYN


                Hello, my brothers and sisters, this is Merlyn.  Some of you may have heard of me
            in my connection with the legendary stories of King Arthur of Britain.  Merlyn was really
            only one of my names, but it seems to be the most familiar one, so that is the one I will
            use.  Direct conversation over such a large expanse of "time" is rare, and I do not plan 
            to waste my opportunity.  
                Some of you know this, but many of you do not, so I will state the case plainly at the
            outset.  In the 21st century C.E., you are all here on earth on the cusp of a great shift in
            human circumstances, both physical and non-physical.  The very planet you live on is 
            going through monumental changes, and that is just the beginning. 
                In my last experience, approximately 1500 earth years ago, I too was faced with a 
            completely different world from the one in which I grew up.  However, my world then
            consisted primarily of the Roman civilization and its neighbors on all sides.  At that point,
            few were thinking globally, let alone universally.  The situation was similar, however, in
            that most people living in that time and place were being forced to re-evaluate some very
            basic assumptions about what was necessary for their survival - as individuals, or as a 
            race.  Those of you now focused here on earth are faced with the same dilemma.
                Whether this is a bad thing or a fantastic improvement will depend on you.  A heavy
            responsibility, but one that you are eminently qualified to handle.  Even if you are not 
            aware of it, the ability to remake yourself and your world for the better has always been
            yours.  The natural cycles of night and day provide each of us with a brand new set of
            circumstances every morning, and it is always up to us individually what we do about it.
                The idea that we are helpless to solve our so-called problems is a man-made assumption
            that has been around for a long time, but it is simply not the case.  The truth is, there is
            no such thing as a problem.  There are only opportunities to learn, and the greater the 
            difficulty, the greater the learning potential.  
                In the 21st century (which is only a convenient measurement of the Christian community)
            a tidal wave of changes is upon the earth and all of its inhabitants.  The accompanying 
            growth potential is almost beyond comprehension.  How will YOU take advantage of this
            fabulous opportunity?  That is up to you, but maybe my story, which follows, will give you
            some useful ideas along with a somewhat larger perspective.  Why not stay with me a 
            while and see?
                                                                                   ... Merlyn

                                             THREE THINGS A MAN IS             

                                            *  What he thinks he is
                                                          *  What others think he is
                                                              *  What he really is


​                                                                     EDUCATION

                        There is only one place to get an education.  In the 
                school of thought.   Learning rules is useful, but it isn't
                education.   Education is thinking, and thinking  is 
                looking for yourself and seeing what's there -- not what
                you got told was there.   Then you put what you see together.


​                                                                          VIRUSES

                            A virus is an incomplete, non-living entity that needs
                a host to survive.    Viruses do not cause illness.   They are                                     chemical substances that always exist in every human body,
                and  are normally inert or beneficial, but can be altered by                                 the energy of the thoughts or beliefs of their host.   Illness 
               occurs in an out-of-sync individual, and is not the result of
               some outside agency that is beyond the individual's control.
               Western medicine has lost its way.  Almost all the emphasis
                is placed on finding "causes" for diseases that would not even
                exist if humans understood their real nature.  Not everyone
                who has been  "exposed" becomes ill.  Why?   For the same 
                reason that healthy soil will produce healthy crops,  and                                       unhealthy soil cannot be expected to generate an abundant
                harvest.   The condition we call  "illness" will  not occur in a                                 body that does not accept it.


                                                             TIME AND SPACE

                            I have said, "I am speaking to you from outside of time
                and space".  Perhaps I should clarify that, and maybe we 
                could begin by defining time and space.  If one looks in a 
                Webster's dictionary for the definition of TIME (the noun),
                one finds approximately thirty definitions to start with.
                Which one of these am I "outside of"?  All of them, or perhaps
                none of them.
                            Definition #1 begins:  The period between two events ..."

                Let us just set that aside for a moment,  and consider SPACE.

                            Part of Definition #1 for SPACE is;  "Distance extending 
                without limit ...  within which all material things are contained.

                            It appears we cannot really define time without "events"
                or space without "things" (objects).  Perhaps there could be a
                time when no event happened, and maybe there can be even be
                empty space, but I am not convinced that either one of these
                conditions is possible.   In the world of three dimensions  (plus
                time) something is always happening somewhere, and if we
                include things or events that are not noticeable to human 
                senses, the "events" are continuous and all of space is filled 
                with some objective form of energy.  
                            All right then, if space and time are always everywhere,
                where am I?   The answer can easily be illustrated with your
                simple experiment of a jar full of stones.    The jar is  "full" when
                one can put no more stones in it.   Of course, pouring sand on 
                the stones fills all the spaces in between them, doesn't it?
                Now the jar is totally full, right?   Try pouring water in it ---
                where does it go?   In between all the grains of sand, etc.  It's
                all a "matter" of different forms of matter.  
                            In the realm of finer energies,  (think; high frequency 
                "waves" -- light, thoughts , etc.)  all of them can exist simul-
                taneously in the same time and space.    Technically, I am not
                therefore, outside of time and space -- merely operating at a 
                different frequency within them.  I cannot be seen by eyes or
                heard by ears while doing this simply because those senses
                are not designed for the job.
                            But I digress.  To go back to our first concern, "What are
                time and space?', here, I believe, is a working definition:

                            TIME is the medium in which events are experienced.

                            SPACE is the medium in which objects are experienced.

                            Since time and space are technically just "mediums", 
                they do not really exist unless something is in them.  An "inch"
                or a "minute" or a "mile" or a "year", or even a "light year" is a
                concept, nothing else.  So how is it that we communicate with
                each other?  In the all-inclusive medium we call "consciousness".
                That's really all there is, and every thing and every event
                contains it (and is contained by it), so the communication 
                never stops.

                                Nice talking with you.                              ... Merlyn

       I  can
     SEE you



             *   The thoughts you hold in your mind are automatically creating your future.
                    If you are always thinking about your past, you will simply repeat it.

            *   EVERY thought you have is creative.  If you keep thinking the same ones, they 
                   will ultimately show up physically in your life.  

            *  This is a hard one, but it is true.  Because time only exists on the 3D level, 
                   your thoughts not only change your future, they also change your past!
                   If you don't like your past, simply change your present thoughts, and 
                   watch what happens.

​                                                                                                     January 2017         

                                                                                                                                       August 2016

                                                    A MESSAGE FROM MERLYN

               In spite of all the negative news you are hearing on earth these                 days, the situation is not hopeless no matter what all the prophets of
        doom are saying.  There is always something you can do about it.  
        Here are some thoughts on the matter:

                We have noticed in our observance of the daily experience of
        some people that the focus of many of their thoughts is causing some
        problems.  It has been said succinctly that "Thoughts become things",
        and it is very easy to dismiss that as just another one of those quaint
        aphorisms of the "positive thinking" proponents.  The truth is that 
        those three words are perhaps the most important ones in the English
        language.  (Not counting "I love you")
                Any thought that is repeatedly held in ones mind will inevitably 
        begin to attract those exact conditions in his or her world.  It makes no
        difference whether the repeated thought is about something that is 
        desired or something that is not wanted, the process is still the same.
        In the world of the mind, like attracts like.  That is just the opposite of
        the physical world in which opposites attract, but it is a fundamental
        law nonetheless.
                To make this work for you and for your world, the answer is to 
        monitor your thoughts constantly.  If what you are thinking makes you
        feel good, then that is going to produce a positive result.  If it troubles
        you, find a way to replace it with a different thought to avoid attracting
        what you don't want.
                Collectively, this is critical.  When thousands or even millions of 
        us are holding onto thoughts of illness, danger, threats from others, 
        a collapsing economy, deterioration of the environment, or any other
        of the endless variety of negative possibilities, we are merely helping 
        to create the problem.  
                We must realize that our thoughts are the most powerful creative
        force we have, and just like our atomic energy, we cannot afford to be
        careless with them. Positive thoughts are ten times more powerful than
        negative ones - try focusing on them totally and watch what happens
        in your life.

                                                                    ... Merlyn 


                                                       THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MERLYN

                                             gos'pel;  AS   godspel, orig. good spell, good news                                                            

                    The "good news", according to Merlyn,  might not be what you think, unless you have                             TRUTH (Good news) No. 2.
            stopped believing everything someone else tells you and have begun thinking for yourself.                                       
            A large part of the organized Christian church, for example, would have you believe that the                                       The only "judgement" you will ever face is your own.  Knowing this is your right,
            good news is that, although you are basically a pretty worthless creature, your Creator still                              and it is the "truth that will set you free".  Your "Father", the Creative force, does not        
            loves you.  This Creator loves you so much that "He" is willing to destroy you or torture you                             want  your dependence, your fear, or your worship - only that you continue to grow
            indefinitely in a place called "Hell" if you don't behave yourself.  This Creator also, because                             into the happy co-creator that is your destiny.
            of His conditional love (an oxymoron) provided you with a way out of your disastrous fate.  
            He hand-picked one of you to be a designated "son" and had him pay for your misdeeds.                                TRUTH (Good news) No. 3.
            All you have to do is buy into this story and you're off the hook.
​                                                                                                                                                                                                      We have talked about this before in some of our other writings, but it bears
                                              THIS DOES NOT STRIKE US AS "GOOD NEWS".                                                           repeating here.  Much is said on Earth (by those who are not aware of this real god-
​                                                                                                                                                                                          spel) about the so-called "evil" in the world.  There is no such thing.  In the same 
                    Consider this.  Each of us has a physical father.  If we were told by that father that if we                           way that darkness is the absence of light and ignorance is the absence of wisdom,
            didn't turn out like he wanted us to, he was going to throw us in the trash and disown us, would                       evil is merely the absence of good and proper thoughts and actions.  We truly do
            we think that was good news?  If he said that we could only save our hide by having him punish                      create our own realities with our imagination, our thoughts, and our intentions.  We
            our older brother to make us feel bad about ourselves and grateful to our brother, what would                          do this constantly, individually, and collectively.  That which appears to be evil is the
            we think of dear old Dad then?                                                                                                                             automatic result of our projected expectations.  It is virtually impossible for any of us     
​                                                                                                                                                                                          to be affected by negative events if we never ever consider the possibility.  Even 
                                   YOU SHOULD KNOW THE TRUTH - IT WILL SET YOU FREE                                                   those conditions that appear to be undesirable will turn out to be blessings if that is    
​                                                                                                                                                                                          our expectation.  Is that easy to accomplish on Earth?  Not if we continue to surround 
            TRUTH (Good news) No 1.                                                                                                                                   ourselves with negative images or negative people.  Is it possible in spite of these
                                                                                                                                                                                          things?  Absolutely!
                    The above belief is a man-made idea of the early church organization  It is based on the 
            older Jewish belief in a separate "God" of judgement  and punishment.  It is a control device,                           TRUTH (Good news) No. 4
            and a tragic (see history) distortion of the facts.  It does not take into consideration the evolutionary            
            development of man's idea of God.  You are not, and never have been, a guilty "sinner".  The                                       The world around each of us unfailingly responds to us with the reflection of
            Creator, of whom you are an active part, just continuously and lovingly creates.  You have always                    our thoughts, words, and actions.  If we learn to control our output, our entire situation
            existed, although not always as a human being on this planet, and you can never stop existing.                       will begin to change accordingly.  It is a tragic mistake to fall into the trap of believing
            You will also never stop changing, because that is what this living Universe does.  Embrace the                       in fearful possibilities, demons, devils, or dangers.  Our belief will surely create these
            changes, because as long as you keep expecting them to be positive and beneficial, they will be.                    things, and the stronger the belief, the bigger the problem.  Those who appear to be  
​                                                                                                                                                                                          doing evil and harmful deeds are simply ignorant of this truth, and cannot have any
​                                                                                                                                                                                          effect on us if we will not participate in their mistaken ideas.  

                                                                                                                  THAT IS THE TRUTH.  THAT IS THE "GOOD NEWS"   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ...  Merlyn                                                                          

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                                                                                                                            This is a photograph of planet earth taken Feb.14, 1990 by
    the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about
    6 billion kilometers (3.7 billion miles). Voyager had completed
    its mission and turned around at the request of Carl Sagan to
    take one more picture of the earth before returning.
                        It was entitled  "PALE BLUE DOT"

​                                                                                                                                        Dec. 1, 2016
                                                     A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE

                Most humans living on the planet called Earth think of it as very large and                 so important that we are perhaps the only intelligent and living beings in the 
      universe.  At this point many are at least considering the possibility that there
      may be other inhabited planets somewhere, but others still believe that the  
      "God" that created us made us the most important part of the creation.  The 
      photograph above this may somehow alter that viewpoint if considered 
      thoughtfully.  Here is one comment by Carl Sagan, who requested that the 
      picture be taken, and has written, among other things, a complete book entitled
      "Pale Blue Dot"

              "The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.  Think of the 
            endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on 
            the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how 
            frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another,
            how fervent their hatreds.  Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those
            generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become
            the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot."
                                                                                    ... Carl Sagan

                                            What else is there to say?             

                                                                                                                      January, 2017  

                                                   HOLIDAY GREETINGS

                  2017?  Well now, it seems like just yesterday it was 2000,                     and the world was going to end.   Ours didn't, did yours?
          Actually, 2016 was a fairly successful and happy year for us, 
          and we sure hope it was for you, too.  If not, we read something
          recently that might cheer you up about the new year.  It seems
          that the folks who are into numerology (the science of numbers)
          are saying that 2016 was a "nine" year at the downward end of
          a nine year cycle, and that 2017 is a "one" year which means a
          new and positive beginning.  Their conclusion is that we can sll
          expect things to improve steadily for the next four months and
          beyond.  It's easy to dismiss "science" like that, but we have to
          admit that we sure do live in a universe that's based on math-
          ematics - lets hope they're right.  What have we got to lose?

                As for us, we are fortunate to have a large and happy 
          family, and I suspect that might just be the greatest blessing
          of all.  The year-end holiday celebrations always help us to 
          remember that.  My Webster's dictionary has a dozen definitions
          for the word "family", and the very first one is:

            "the collective body of persons who live in one house"   

          If we substitute "world" for "house", then I guess we really are
          ALL family.  

                                 Sure glad to have you in ours.

                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR             

     This is a new year's message from Ben Bolt, the author of this website

                          There is a story about a man trying to solve the world's 
                            problems, when his young daughter comes into the room
                            and asks if she can help.  He's touched by the girl's concern,
                            but impatient to get on with his work, so he takes a map of 
                            the world, rips it into little pieces, and gives it to the girl,
                            telling her that she can help by piecing the world back to-    
                            gether.   The girl doesn't have a clue what the world looks
                            like, but she takes the pile of papers back to her room.
                                    Two days later she rushes into her father's study,  "Father,
                            father, she says.  I've put the world back together. "  And 
                            indeed the shreds of paper have been very meticulously 
                            taped together.   The father is stunned, and asks how she 
                            did it.   The girl turns the map over.  "On the back was a picture
                            of a person" she said.   "I put the person back together and 
                            then turned it over and the world was back together."                                       

                 How BIG can you think?

                As you might imagine, an "outside of time and space" view has a way of                                           expanding one's  perspective exponentially.  Inches, miles, even light-years                                       become meaningless when compared with infinity.   Minutes, hours, even 
              centuries are insignificant in the face of timeless eternity.   The following 
              examples may give you some idea of the possibilities.

                           A recent study.by scientists from Harvard and Yale                                       suggested that there are probably at least 300 sextllion stars.                            That is a 3 followed by 23 zeros, or three trillion times 100 billion.
            If stars are basically suns, how many planets are there?
                         EXAMPLE #1
                     EXAMPLE #2 

                   Those of you who are fans of the Arthurian legend may be familiar with the                  work of Stephen R. Lawhead, who has written, among other things, four books
         he called "The Pendragon Cycle".  They are beautifully written, and definitely 
         worth reading.  The titles, in order, are:

               A remarkable epic tale of the twilight of Atlantis --- and of the brilliant
               dawning of the Arthurian Era.

               Seer, Bard, Sage, Warrior ... His wisdom was legend, his courage 
               spawned greatness.  

               He was the glorious King of Summer ... His legend ... the stuff of dreams.   

               Arthur is king, but darkest evil has descended upon Britain in many guises.  

                    The books were published by AVON BOOKS, by arrangement with
                           Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers.


                    We would like to take the liberty of including here a small excerpt
                from the first book of this series -- Taliesin:

                        " I have seen a land shining with goodness where each man
                    protects his brother's dignity as readily as his own, where war
                    and want have ceased and all races live under the same law of
                    love and honor."
                        " I have seen a land bright with truth, where a man's word 
                    is his pledge and falsehood is banished, where children sleep
                    safe in their mothers' arms and never know fear or pain.  I have
                    seen a land where kings extend their hands in justice rather than
                    reach for the sword, where mercy, kindness, and compassion 
                    flow like deep water over the land, and men revere virtue, revere
                    truth, revere beauty, above comfort, pleasure, or selfish gain.     
                    A land where peace reigns in the hearts of men, where faith blazes
                    like a beacon from every hill and love like a fire from every hearth,
                    where the true God is worshiped and His ways acclaimed by all.
                        "It is a true world."
                        "It is our world as it was meant to be."


                    Now, may I offer my own thoughts on the matter?   I have, with
               an "out of space and time" viewpoint, been made aware of this:

                    This beautiful planet we call Earth is like a small grain of sand
                on the shore of a vast river.  The other worlds of the Universe in 
                which it is located are as numerous and diverse as the sand and 
                the stones that line this river, and ours is only one Universe.  
                There are other Universes beyond number, like blades of grass.
                On one of these other Universes, for example, there is a federation
                consisting of over one thousand inhabited planets, and all are 
                devoted to improving conditions for all life forms.  
                    There are different kinds of people, but there are NO armies, 
                and no weapons of any kind are allowed.  Their technology far 
                exceeds ours, their peace has endured for thousands of years,                                           and they are capable of traveling between all their worlds. They                                         also are aware of our world, because it has a special place in 
                our Universe due to our "free will" ability to create any reality
                we can imagine. They generally think that most of us are primitive                                     savages - can you perhaps see why they might think that?  

                              How BIG can you think?         ...  Merlyn              

​                                                                                                                                             February 2017

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                                                                                                                   February 2017

               (We have commented on this before, but here are some more recent thoughts.)

                    It has been our custom in some previous essays to begin with a dictionary 
        definition of our chosen subject.  We like to do this because often there are many
        differing definitions available, and we feel that we should be clear on what we are
        talking about.  When it comes to the word "peace", it is generally assumed to be 
        the opposite of "war", and if we are not presently at war, then we must be at peace.
        It seems that there might be more to it according to Webster's New Universal 
        Unabridged Dictionary.  Here are the word's origin and Webster's first five definitions:

                          peace,   from Old French "pais", from Latin "Pax" or "Pacis"

        1.  freedom from war or strife.
        2.  a treaty or agreement to end war.
        3.  freedom from public disturbance or disorder; public security; law and order.
        4.  freedom from disagreement or quarrels; harmony; concord.
        5.  an undisturbed state of mind; absence of mental conflict; serenity.

               Let us begin with this observation:  Peace in this world is the rarest, and
        just may be, the most valuable of all prizes.  Why (in the world) is this true?
        Why can't we remain at peace?  Is that really a problem?  Maybe if we can determine
        the origin of this possible "problem", we will be closer to a solution.  We suggest that
        it might be helpful to re-define our subject as "the opposite of contention".  If we are
        contending with anything at all, not matter how insignificant, then technically we are
        not totally at peace.  There is a fairly large difference between CONTENT-ION and 

                In truth, it appears that humans are not born to be contented at all.  Too much
        peace and serenity can often result in restlessness or boredom.  We nave to be busy
        doing something or we are not happy for long.  "Busy-ness" usually means trying to
        make something happen, and that almost always involves competing with our 
        environment or even someone else's agenda.  That's okay, as long as we accept it
        as normal and don't let it upset us.  

                There's the rub.  How many people do you know who really enjoy being upset?
        How many drama queens or kings are there who take every minor inconvenience so
        seriously that it immediately becomes a battle?  Personal complaints can turn into 
        arguments, then family feuds, then fights, etc., etc.  What has happened to peace?
        Looks like our definitions numbered 4 and 5 are both involved here.  A family quarrel
        is not exactly the same as a world-wide war, but it can make the participants very
        unhappy just the same.  There is usually so much emotion present that "domestic
        disturbances" occasionally result in someone's death.  If that's not serious, what is?

                Let's take a look at some of the other ways we humans contend:

        A.  POLITICS

                Properly conducted, this is a really good idea.  Sitting together and discussing
        (even heatedly) our differences is the right way to resolve them, and often ends in
        a suitable compromise in everyone's best interest.  Allowed to escalate beyond 
        discussion, it can be very destructive.

        B.  GAMES OR "SPORTS"

                Another great idea that provides fun, recreation, training, occupations, and
        recognition for countless participants, fans, and others.  Everyone enjoys games
        of some kind, beginning at a very early age.  Whether beginner, amateur, or 
        professional, the competition is fun.  Only when it is treated with so much 
        importance that competitors or viewers become angry does it cease to be 
        beneficial or "peaceful".


                On a different level of athletic competition are the "games" that involve
        physical confrontations between just two participants and include or depend on
        bodily contact, often violent.  Taken to extreme, these contests are even called
        "fights", and some of the latest ones, called "mixed" martial arts, usually result in
        considerable pain or even bloodshed to one or the other.  This is not a new idea,
        of course.  Western history also includes the gladiators of ancient Rome who were
        allowed at times to kill their opponents to entertain the crowd.


                Speaking of entertaining the audience, we have now created television dramas,
        video games, and epic movies that feature every conceivable type of competition 
        from "Angry Birds" to interstellar warfare, and the more destructive they are, the
        better.  It's all make-believe, you see, so mass murder becomes recreation.  It 
        probably says something significant about our current mind-set if one of the most
        successful recent movie series is called "Star Wars".

                Somehow we've even managed to turn some of our religions into competing
        organizations, with the most radical proponents of some featuring random acts of
        "terrorism" to demonstrate their faith.  That is not true of most worshipers, of
        course, who are still in the majority, and enthusiastically attempting to end all this
        craziness and create the peaceful planet we want.  It is working, even if it doesn't
        always look like it.

                But according to the internet, in the 20th century, the world experienced 31
        "wars and conflicts" from 1898 to 1994, and of course two of them reached the
        status of "World Wars".  Now, in the less than 17 years of the 21st century, we 
        have already had 40 conflicts in the same category - a disturbing trend, wouldn't
        you say?  Consider this:  The United States Government has a "Cabinet" of 15 
        Secretaries appointed to assist the President, not counting the Vice President and
        the Attorney General.  These "Secretaries" are responsible for the following:

                Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human
        Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor,
        State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans' Affairs.

                To date, there has never been a "Secretary of Peace", but it does seem like
        one might be helpful, doesn't it?  It is interesting to note that three of our 
        dictionary definitions of peace begin with the word freedom.  Wars, unfortunately,
        have supposedly been fought by some in the interest of freedom - from attack, 
        from persecution, or from just plain bullying.  To be truly free, however, we must
        actively promote peacefulness every way possible.  Here is a short list of internet
        addresses of some of the organizations who are actively trying to create the world
        we all want.  No doubt there are many more.

        careusa.org  -  dwb.org (Doctors Without Borders)  -  hungerplus.org  - oxfam.org

        savethechildren.org  -  noetic.org  -  humanitysteam.org  -  tut.com  -  intenders.com

        wetheworld.org  -  thesecret.tv  -  redcross.org  -  worldrelief.org  -  dalailamatrust.org

                ... and ... here is a little Bible quote (John 14:27) from Jesus, who is 
                sometimes called "The Prince of Peace"

                       "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you".

                                                                                me, too  ...   Merlyn