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by Merlyn on 03/10/10

I've seen a few different "religions" in the past 1500 years, but this definition comes

closest to being accurate.  It's from a book called "Think On These Things", by

J. Krishnamurti.   - "The search for truth is true religion, and the man who is

seeking truth is the only religious man."         What do you think?

                                                                            ...  Merlyn

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1. Brian Bolt said on 4/7/10 - 06:46AM
After reading your essays (and pretty much the whole web site), I have two things that stand out to me; one is the principle that man creates his own gods (or religions) to fit with his concepts of how life works. What works for one group may not work for another. Various Messiah figures appear to each to validate them. There is one God or over-arching reality, but many ways to connect. You draw a lot of parallels with the natural world to make your points. Have you ever thought of the parallel that says: In the natural (earth) realm taking any road or one you make up to get to a specific destination is foolish. You will only get lost. Apply that lesson in the spiritual realm. It doesn't follow because you have many ways that they are ALL right. I disagree with that premise. Secondly is the concept of reincarnation. You teach that you must be born into the world and experience life more than once (perhaps many times) to learn and grow. I disagree. The Bible teaches otherwise and I have put my faith in that. I see the Bible as God's plumb line to judge truth. If it doesn't line up with the written Word then it's suspect. I am willing to discuss these things as I am open to learn new truths and adjust, but I am not going to accept teaching I believe is false. You regard education as very valuable and so do I. I believe Jesus was, and is, the greatest teacher in the history of the world! I don't believe we have scratched the surface of what He has to say to us! He Himself stated that He was God incarnate and that He was the ONLY way to God. I have a hard time accepting or promoting other options. Again, I am open to discussion on these issues.

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              Well now, here we go again.  This blog page has been               neglected for the last four earth years. How time flies when             one is not paying any attention to it.  Lots of changes have
        taken place, all right, and we think we would like to start 
        commenting on some of them.  

            For starters, here are a few subjects that we might
        take on to see if we can generate some interest among
        those of you who are enjoying this site.  

                    Terrorism, or war in general.

                    Medical treatments, pro and con

                    Gun ownership


                    Parenthood   (and abortion)

            That's probably enough to get things rolling, but if 
        anyone out there has some other suggestions, let's 
        hear them, and we'll try to apply our "outside of time
        and space" point of view.
                                                           ... Merlyn