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What do you believe?

by Merlyn on 06/14/10

Take this quiz by checking the statements that come closest to your belief.

*  There is a different God for each religion.
*  There is only one Creator, and the different religions are different paths to one truth.

*  God only talks to certain messengers.
*  God talks to everyone all the time -  only a few really listen.

*  We should always follow our religious leaders.  They know about God.
*  We should listen to our hearts, because we are all connected to God.

*  God wants our obedience and worship, and will punish us if He doesn't get it.
*  God wants nothing.  We punish ourselves with our own bad choices.

*  Evil is the force that opposes God.
*  Nothing can oppose God.  God is all there is.

*  Only when we pray does God listen to us.
*  God hears everything because God is in us.

*  God will judge all of us when we die.
*  Nobody dies - God only creates constantly and never judges.

*  We should fear God.
*  Fear is the absence of love.  God only cares about love.

*  God wants us to be subservient children.
*  God wants us to grow up and become co-creators.

*  God will destroy the world if we don't do what He wants.
*  God only creates, and so do we.  We create the kind of world we want by our beliefs.
                                                                                          ... Merlyn

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              Well now, here we go again.  This blog page has been               neglected for the last four earth years. How time flies when             one is not paying any attention to it.  Lots of changes have
        taken place, all right, and we think we would like to start 
        commenting on some of them.  

            For starters, here are a few subjects that we might
        take on to see if we can generate some interest among
        those of you who are enjoying this site.  

                    Terrorism, or war in general.

                    Medical treatments, pro and con

                    Gun ownership


                    Parenthood   (and abortion)

            That's probably enough to get things rolling, but if 
        anyone out there has some other suggestions, let's 
        hear them, and we'll try to apply our "outside of time
        and space" point of view.
                                                           ... Merlyn