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                            We would like to establish some communication with                                        those of you who are interested in the "outside of time"                                          world of Merlyn.  This blog should be up and running                                              immediately so that you can send us our comments,                                               questions, or whatever else is on your mind.  As you                                               already know, our objective in posting this website is to                                           promote a world-wide community of thoughtful people                                             who are looking for a fresh viewpoint.  There is definitely                                         global interest at this time in a sustainable society without                                     all the conflict and confusion that is out there.  
                Your voice is needed now to add to the growing number                                         of positive-thinking, peace-seeking citizens of the world.                                         We invite you to share your positive ideas with everyone.                                  

Welcome to our new BLOG site.

by Merlyn on 02/24/10

    Salvete, Civis,

             This is Merlyn.  I'm happy to have you visiting our new site.  Let us know

 your thoughts and/or comments about what you have seen so far.  I look forward to

chatting with you.

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1. Merlyn said on 2/26/10 - 07:44AM
This week's thought: Time/space is like the water you dive into when you SCUBA. Getting "born" is diving in, and "dying" is getting back out of the water. While we're in it, we are not aware of what's above the surface. Imagine it.
2. Ann said on 2/28/10 - 11:44AM
The SCUBA comparison to time/space definitely has many more analogies. How long is the air supply in your tank? Moments of beautiful creatures (the dolphins of life), and monsters (you name it). I think I need to get certified;o).
3. Pam Yount said on 4/20/10 - 04:47AM
Hi Ben, I have been selected to assess your book and I'm very honored to know such a gifted writer and your message is very good. After I assessed your book I voted for you. Your message in has a lot of the same contents as mine. My Id# is 438 and my email is esther1948@yahoo.com I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Pam

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              Well now, here we go again.  This blog page has been               neglected for the last four earth years. How time flies when             one is not paying any attention to it.  Lots of changes have
        taken place, all right, and we think we would like to start 
        commenting on some of them.  

            For starters, here are a few subjects that we might
        take on to see if we can generate some interest among
        those of you who are enjoying this site.  

                    Terrorism, or war in general.

                    Medical treatments, pro and con

                    Gun ownership


                    Parenthood   (and abortion)

            That's probably enough to get things rolling, but if 
        anyone out there has some other suggestions, let's 
        hear them, and we'll try to apply our "outside of time
        and space" point of view.
                                                           ... Merlyn